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So much has happened!

Hey all,

lissuinsteedIt’s been such a long time since I’ve had a chance to send you a letter. So much has happened, it’s simply too much to include it all in a letter. Let me highlight a few things for you!

Lissuin Steed
You know probably by know that I love to ride ponies. The Spring festival was an ideal moment to add another one to my collection. What do you think? Doesn’t it look great?! I’ve even found a complete war outfit in one of the giftboxes I got during the festival. Although I’ve already been in a lot of fights, I’ve decided to keep the war outfit save until I really need it. It is my understanding this outfit should be ideal in war, it’s tougher, but for the fights I’ve encountered thusfar I don’t think the ponies need such an outfit.
I have seen the outfit with others. It does look good. It’s slightly different, but you’d really have to pay close attention to notice it. Perhaps it’s that tad bit a tailor inside of me that notices these kind of differences. Perhaps my mother was right and I should make my own clothing as well. It’s something to think about.

I’ve gone to the Skirmish captain who sent me the letter I told you about earlier. It’s disturbing to see these goblins and other vile creatures attacking our beloved Tuckborough! I have been able to fight them off, though. After the first time I did that, the captain did tell me, however, they have a tendency to come back. So I’ve checked in regularly with the captain and indeed, they did return! I’ve fought them several times now. Luckily I’m not alone in my battle. I have a trusted herbalist with me in Tuckborough and she has amazing healing skills! I’m glad she has the time to accompany me.

I’ve been venturing into Bree-land. It was about time I’d see some of those evil monsters I’ve heard people talk about. As it turns out the Barrow-Downs have even more vile creatures than the ones who attack Tuckborough on a regular basis! It’s incredible! And they’re not so easy to defeat. It’s taken me quite a while, but I have been able to defeat quite  some monsters there.
And, I’ve helped lots of people in return. People I met on my journeys through Bree-land and even people who had found a place to set up camp in the Barrow-Downs. I would never do that, but apparently they think they’ve found a safe place to stay.

myhouseMy House!
Like I told you earlier, I had seen houses in Falathlorn and I absolutely loved them! They’re so spacious! Okay, I’m a hobbit and these houses were build for Elves, who are a lot taller than I am, if I may say so! But I don’t care about that! I’ve finally saved enough money to put down a good deposit and pay the rent for a while upfront. I’ve had a picture made of my house. What do you think of it?

Beautiful, isn’t it? I absolutely love it! Behind my house is a small brook. I can hear the soft murmeling of the water in house. I never expected I’d feel that good when I hear such a sound, but it does make me feel good. Perhaps it’s the Elven influence here in Falathlorn.

During the Farmer’s faire last year I was lucky enough to acquire a stall for my produce and a chicken coop. Don’t they look fitting here? Of course it’s ideal to display my farming produce. And the chickens are a good extra to have. Although they have yet to give me eggs. I suspect they have a way of hiding their eggs. But that’s okay. I’ll figure it out sometime. In the meantime I don’t mind that much. They have room to walk and they can find enough food, so I don’t need to worry about their health while I’m gone on trips. I’ve given my friends and kinmates keys for the house. That way they’ll always have a resting place when they’re in Ered-Luin.
I don’t have much furniture yet, but I’m working on that. I was able to get a few chest, though, so I can store several items in there. I’ve told my friends and kinmates they can also store things in there. Our kinship doesn’t have a house yet. We really need to work on a budget for a Kinship House. I think so. Better yet, I told Saeliyagil it was really worth it and we should invest in it. Hopefully the others can pitch in too so that we’ll have enough money to put the deposit down soon!

Lone-LandsI’ve been venturing into the Lone-Lands as well. This is really a barren wasteland. At least the parts I’ve visited. Somehow I though the enemies there were easier to defeat than these wights, hounds and other creatures in the Barrow-Downs. Yes, by now I really see these …. things as our enemies. Is there any other way to look at them? They’re set out to destroy everything we love. They’ll kidnap and kill whenever they feel like it. And they steal. And they do that a lot I might say! I’ve taken the loot of so many creatures, I feel confident to say they’re ordinary thieves! I really can’t leave everything with these corpses, now can I? I’ve looted ingredients for my own cooking supplies, but I’ve also looted loads of other things, like Barrow-treasures, things our scholars can use and then some. It’s incredible!
We’ve got a list in our kinship. A list of all the ingredients and mastery components each of us needs for her crafting. I’ve made a copy of that list and always check it when I loot corpses to see if people in the kinship can use it. The others do the same. I’ve already gotten things from others, so I don’t hesitate to save things for them either.
It’s incredible what these… monsters have stolen. I wonder if they haunt the fields and the cities at night and steal things. I’ve told the others in the Kin that they should not hesitate in killing those aweful beings!

Well, this is it for today. I really need to catch up on a few things before I’m heading to bed. I’ve got big plans for tomorrow! I wish you all a good day and night and I hope you will find good tidings!




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