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How to multibox in Lotro

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Hey all,

As I told earlier, I’ve started dabbling into multiboxing with Lotro. I am aware of the conflicting opinions about Multiboxing. Personally I multibox with my TP farming characters. It’s a lot easier to get the same deeds finished with 4 characters from 4 accounts at once instead of having to do the same run 4 times. Another reason to multibox, for me at least, is because many of my kinmates are usually not online when I am. And additional I’d like to try out the way fellowships and instances work without plunging into it with experienced players to whom I might be more a burden than anything else.
Multiboxing is great way to get experienced!

So, how do you Multibox in Lotro?
To start you can adjust the lotro client settings so that you can run multiple clients. You need to do the following:

Open My Documents\UserPreferences.ini. DO NOT OPEN THE FILE IN THE LORD OF THE RINGS ONLINE FOLDER! This is the wrong file. For some reason Turbine placed the file you need in the root My Documents folder! You can open this file in Notepad.

The file should have (something like) the following in it at the beginning:


Now, the next thing you need to do is change “allowmultipleinstances=false” into “allowmultipleinstances=true”. Save the file and you’ll be able to login with multiple clients. This rather easy way wasn’t available in the past. Turbine included this possibility in the file, so I do think they don’t mind us multiboxing persé.

Using additional software
This however is a tedious way to multibox because you need to handle each client during each fight you have. There is an easier way and that’s multiboxing software. Don’t get me wrong. This is NOT software that handles everything (as in you don’t have to do anything anymore). This is software which broadcasts your keystrokes and mousemovements. You still need to do all the work yourself, but now you can do it all from one client, which is much handier!

I’ve started using ISBoxer in combination with Innerspace. Yes, Innerspace is a paid program ($50 per year, $15 for 3 months), but with $15 for three months, it’s doable.  And this way I can run multiple accounts and thus get my TP’s a lot easier and thus have much more fun in the game. This is something I can afford right now, so why shouldn’t I do it 🙂

There’s a special userguide for Lotro. You can find it here.

Oh, if you’d like to use ISboxer and Innerspace, you can get a maximum of 30 days free for Innerspace if you enter my email addres (using an image to prevent Spam):


Have fun multiboxing!

Edit to add:
Per Sapience’s statement (June 6th, 2013), the above change will be made automatically with one of the new updates:

This is a bug and will be changed in “a” future update (probably not 11.1) to default to true. In the meantime, Crell’s comments are accurate and easy to do.

In this case the “this” is “allowmultipleinstances=false”. Crell’s comment was:

It simply requires adjusting a new preference file manually.
In your My Documents folder is a file called UserPreferences.ini

In it change the line that reads




and save!

If you cannot find this line, you are likely looking at the old file (In My Documents\The Lord of the Rings Online, which is still used for other things. =)


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