Lotro Store Sales: Crafting Ingredient Packs and more! 30% Discount!


We’ve got new Lotro Store sales again and it’s all about crafting! Opposed to last year’s Crafting sales it’s now for ALL levels and you’ve got 30% discount instead of 20%!

  • ingredientpacksstore
    Ingredient Packs: Spending too much valuable time searching for miscellaneous crafting ingredients scattered throughout Middle-earth? Can’t locate a vendor? Take advantage of one stop shopping in the LOTRO Store and get back to crafting! Ingredient Packs are used in place of traditional ingredients, so stop the search and get to work on your recipes! Applies to Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert, Artisan, Master, Supreme, Westfold and Eastemnet profession tiers.
    Old prices: 25  -175 TP, now with discount for 18 – 123 TP.
  • craftinguildaccessstoreCrafting Guild Access: Improve your chosen profession by unlocking a Crafting Guild progression! Crafting Guilds provide additional paths of advancement for many professions. Membership in a crafting guild is exclusive – you may only be a member of one at a time. Available to Cook, Jeweller, Metalsmith, Scholar, Tailor, Weaponsmith, and Woodworker professions.
    One word of warning for everyone who’s VIP: You don’t need to buy this. If you’re a VIP, you’ve got access to all crafting guild tiers!
    Old prices: 295 TP, now with discount for 207 TP.
  • Craft Experience Boosts: Use any Crafting Experience Boost to gain a bonus to XP earned from crafting! Affects all Cook, Jeweller, Metalsmith, Scholar, Tailor, Weaponsmith, and Woodworker recipes. Offers include:
    • +100% Crafting XP – grants a 100% boost!
    • Scroll of Greater Craft Acceleration – grants a 50% boost.
    • Scroll of Lesser Craft Acceleration – grants a 25% boost.

    Old Prices: 250 – 1300 TP, now with discount for 175 – 910 TP.

  • estore_craft_instant_largeRapid Crafting Boosts: Craft more in a shorter amount of time! This item lasts for 1 minute and significantly reduces your crafting induction time to 0.5 seconds. It does not stack with tools that also reduce your induction time. Keep this in mind!
    Old prices: 150 – 300 TP, now with discount for 105 – 210 TP. Although this sounds interesting, I’m NOT going to spend my precious TP on that. I really need to save the TP for the Eriador Questpack bundle.
  • estore_craft_instant_largeComplete Crafting Tiers: Now this seems rather easy, doesn’t it? Stuck? Not enough time? Get right to crafting at your level. Purchase one of these to instantly complete that tier of crafting!
    *All crafting Professions have them!
    *Offers for Apprentice to Westfold level crafting.
    Old prices: 1450 – 4150 TP, now with discount for 1015 – 2905 TP. Wow, I’m certainly not spending my TP on that. You can buy questpacks and even expansion packs for this amount of TP!
  • estore_recipe_book_largeRecipe Books: Get all recipes for your tier of crafting in a single purchase! You’ll be able to unlock recipes that can be found on vendors and in random treasure drops.
    *Note: Does not include any one-shot or reputation recipes.

    Old price: 50 – 500 TP, now with discount for 35 – 350 TP. Although it would be great to have all recipes, it’s per character and you can buy these recipes in-game as well with silver/gold. So… I’m not gonna spend my precious TP on that.

And of course there’s a free sample again!


Repeats Mantra over and over:

/* must save TP for Quest- and Expansion packs */

Have fun crafting!


About Ilse Mul

Junior Game Designer, Author, Lotro addict, Puzzle Pirates addict

6 comments on “Lotro Store Sales: Crafting Ingredient Packs and more! 30% Discount!

  1. Woodworker guild unlocked and now going for weapon-smith…if I get enough TP for 1 more will be a difficult choice between Jewellery and Armour-smith…

    Yet to try scholar…any good?

    • So far I’ve only got Cooking. And I still need to dive into that with Sheherezi. I’ve been rather busy with leveling instead of crafting. yesterday I decided to get one of my prospector/methalsmiths going for a bit. Finally completed tier 1 of prospecting with him. Now onto the rest 😀
      It’s always a touhg choice, I think, between which guild access to choose first. I chose the cook because Sheherezi had Cooking and farming maxed, so it was logical to start with the guild there…..

      • I have had Arwynneth as a tailor guild member for some time..indeed she is soon to start on eastemnet tier – why tailor?…As it is real easy to get mats for first 2 tiers…from tp grinders…so my ‘pathfinder’ on another server can start tailoring armour for my TP runners that will follow…

        Well that was the plan…not really happened yet…although my Silverlode LufLaf just started getting a bit active…I may start a few chars on silverlode soon! and they will have armours for them..

  2. You are a prolific writer!

    I’ve enjoyed reading through your site recently and seeing how differently someone else sees the world. As VIP, many of these things are unlocked, so I don’t realize how someone else might approach exploring the various facets of the game in a “free-to-play” mode.

    I’ll be interested to continue to watch where you see value when having to optimize how to spend TP. Happy Exploring!

    • Hey Supergirl, thanks for your nice comments!
      Right now I’ve got a few “priorities” for my TP:
      * Questpacks
      * Expansion packs
      * Account wide things
      And after that, it’ll be just what I want 🙂

  3. […] got new store sales again! This time it’s all about Expansion questpacks! Like with crafting last week there’s a higher discount than last […]

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