Scheduled Server Downtime: Today


Hey all,

There’s an update today, update 11.1. And for that, the servers will be down from 07:00AM till 11:00 AM EST. Do you want to know what time it will be in your country? Check it here.

So, what will be updated? Let’s check it out. As posted by Sapience:

Update 11.1 Release Notes – Official

June 12,2013


  1. We now correctly take into account weapon-type-specific damage bonuses when showing skill examination. For example, when you have a dwarf trait slotted that increases your damage with axes by 2%, the skill tooltip will correctly update.
  2. Some quests were showing that they would reward Legendary Item Experience when they actually would not do so. They have been corrected.
  3. You will no longer be able to complete a quest by talking to an NPC or by using the remote-bestow quest completion button while you are in combat. This will prevent certain exploits.
  4. Fixed skill cool downs to once again show multiple significant places (i.e. minutes and seconds) when appropriate.

Game Launcher

  1. An issue where Players were seeing an Internal Error in the launcher and/or a Grayed out Play button has been resolved.
  2. Player reports of the Launcher and Invoker windows entering into an endless open/close loop have been addressed.
  3. Players can now return to the world select without having to fully exit and restart the client.
    Returning to Server Select:
    • Open the Launcher Menu (the down arrow) and selection Options – Check “Show the Launcher in the system tray”. After you do this the launcher will not close after you hit play and launch the client. So if you quit the game you will still be at the server select screen.
    • Despite the name of this option it does not run the launcher in the system tray, it just keeps it open.
    • The option below this which says, “Minimize the launcher to only the system tray” can be checked, but currently does not minimize the launcher.
  4. An issue preventing multiple clients from running on a single machine has been addressed.
    Running Multiple Clients:
    • Open the Launcher Menu (the down arrow) and select Options – “Check Allow multiple game instances”.
    • If you have not also checked the “show launcher”, then you just need to hit play, the launcher closes, once the client has started you can run the launcher again and start a new game client.
    • If you have enabled “show launcher” on, then you hit play, the client launches, and the launcher remains open. You then need to open the Launcher Menu and select Logout. Then you can login with another account and hit play.
    • If you do not logout you can still hit play, but this will boot the account from the other client.



  • The Greater Erebor Charge armour set should now proc the Oathbreaker’s Shame reset more often.


  • The Mounted Combat Trait “Edge of Rohan” has been renamed to “Rohan’s Edge” to be more consistent.

Mounted Combat

  1. Hunter’s Kill Shot will now properly update the chance to dismount a foe when using the Insignia of Impact.
  2. The skill Adrenaline Rush (and its associated effects and legacies) are being renamed to Rush of Energy.
  3. Call of the Cavalry should no longer be useable while silenced.
  4. Echoes of War should now affect Call of Cavalry base damage in addition to its damage over time.
  5. Pledge to Rohan Heal should no longer be getting reduced by the Guardian’s Mitigations in Mounted Combat.

User Interface

  • Current User Skin drop-down menu in the Options Panel will now be wider to help accommodate longer user skin names

Graphics, FX, Animations

  • Fixed a bug where you would sometimes see other people with their weapons on their backs and in their hands at the same time


  • New travel skills have been added to the People of Wildermore Barter NPCs to quickly take players to Forlaw.


  • Items with a healing skill proc will now have a degree of variance in the amount of healing built in.

NPCs & Enemies

  • Bow-masters in the Writhendowns are now properly set as signatures and not elites.


  • Many Wildermore Deeds now feature new title and virtue rewards.


  • Fixed an issue that caused player-made music to be inaudible under certain circumstances.


  1. The craft guild recipe for the Scroll of Eomer should once again give you a choice of 4 multi-output items.
  2. The Ornate Wildermore Hammer of Power was giving the wrong DPS. This has been fixed.
  3. The cost of the Wildermore Cook and Scholar recipes has been lower to 10 tokens.


  • Removed the auto-bestow for Volume III Book 10: Foreword quest.

The Ettenmoors

  • The Rank 1 through 14 Lainedhal Insignias may now be used in combat. In addition, all the insignias now have a minimum level requirement of 80, to match entry into the Moors.

Instances, Raids, & Skirmishes
Wildermore : Final Stand

  1. -The Winter’s Horn is now labeled as a unique item so the player may only carry one at a time. It can now also be deleted from a players inventory. If it is deleted during the instance, a dialogue box will appear to let the player know that deleting the item will end the instance. Leaving the instance by other means (defeat, abandoning quest) will automatically remove the Winter’s Horn from inventory. When loading back into the instance, a new one will be placed in a players inventory.
  2. -Also fixed a bug that appeared by making the Winter’s Horn delete upon exiting the instance. Now when the player turns in the quest to Thrymm he will no longer be looking to take the Winter’s Horn from the player.
  3. If Thrymm gets defeated during the instance, player will now be able to speak with him to finish the instance.
  4. Fixed a bug that will allow fellowship members to enter the Final Stand instance when it is intended to be a solo only experience.
  5. Thrymm will now no longer phase out of his camp before all quests have been turned in.
  6. If a player is defeated during the instance, they will now be able to re-enter the fight with Núrzum immediately and not be locked out.

Wildermore: Fallows

  • Addressed issues where Cyneberg would not always accept quest turn ins.

Isengard Pits

  • The levers should now spawn properly at all times.

Personally, I wonder how the following things will work out:

General, point 2.
Does this mean the quest will no longer show it rewards Legendary item experience? Or does the quest now reward Legendary Item experience? Since I’m no way near Legendary Items, I’ll have to see if someone on the forums says something about it.

Game Launcher, point 1
I think a lot of people will be happy with this!

Game Launcher, Point 3This is something to celebrate! /* does the little happy dance */ I’m so glad I do not to close and restart the launcher now to get to another server to work on deeds! This is really helpful for those who are grinding TP deeds on other servers than their main server.

Game Launcher, Point 4
Hello Multiboxing. Ever wondered if Turbine would allow you to run multiple instances of the game? Well, it’s official now. They do! And they’re even making it easier to do so. This I like 🙂 Now all you need to do is choose whether you want to use software which broadcasts your keystrokes and mouse movements. If I’m correctly informed, software like ISBoxer (with innerspace) is allowed, since you’re still pressing the keys and moving your mouse. But scripts which will allow you to basically do nothing, are NOT allowed.

Crafting, Point 3
Although I’m nowhere near Wildermore with any of my characters, it’s good to know Turbine has lowered the amount of tokens needed to get these recipes. Still, mind you, these recipes apparently are all single use recipes (so far no cook recipes have been included in the Lotro-Wiki) and as I understand it, getting these tokens isn’t an easy thing to do. BUT…. at least they’re thinking about it, right?

So, what do you think about these updates?


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