Slight problem with the new Launcher: WARNING!

Hey all,

With the latest update and the new launcher a “small”  error rears it ugly head:

With the following checked:

  • Enter last played world
  • Allow Multiple Game Instances
  • Show Launcher in system Tray

Multiple game instances are loaded. One player reported 67 instances being opened in just a minute! I was “lucky enough” to only have about 15 open. I was able to close them all and close the active game window (which had one account logged in).

So…. The solution? Uncheck either of the three options mentioned above and your problem is solved. Turbine will fix this problem in a new update. Too bad I only found the solution after I ran into the problem, but there’s no way around that, is there? After all, I wouldn’t have gone looking for a solution to the problem if I hadn’t run into the problem.

Anyway, the problem can be solved rather easily, so it’s not a big thing. And Sapience has already stated Turbine will fix this problem.

Have fun playing!


About Ilse Mul

Junior Game Designer, Author, Lotro addict, Puzzle Pirates addict

7 comments on “Slight problem with the new Launcher: WARNING!

  1. I keep getting a ‘contact support’ after I exit game and want to log into another server…close launcher and re-start and it goes away!

    Wait a minute..now its more irritating than before to switch servers…Duh!

    • Hmmmm, I haven’t changed servers yet. So far normal exiting game works for me. Perhaps you should post it on the official forums? Sapience did react to the thread about the multiple game launches……

    • Okay, I’ve just tested it out. I get the “Internal error, please contact support” too. After that message it looks like I’m being logged in, but during retrieving character data I get the message the logon server is busy. I have to quite and restart the launcher to switch servers. Indeed, this is loads more irritating then before! I’ve reported it on the official forums. I’m curious what the response will be.

  2. […] of Options the launcher would attempt to launch infinite clients.: Yes, this solves the problem I posted earlier! This means I can now stay logged in in the launcher and select a new world for my TP farming […]

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