Lotro looses a great blog!: CSTM to End with Episode 200

Hey all,

It is a very said day when a well respected blog stops. Merric and Goldenstar have decided to quit with Casual Stroll to Mordor.

For those of you who have trouble reaching their excellent blog right now ( I know I have troubles reaching them right now), here’s their post about it:

CSTMAlbumArtIt is with a heavy heart that we have to announce the end of A Casual Stroll to Mordor. Merric and I have been talking for months now. It’s been something weighing very heavily on our minds.

Basically the long and short of it is that CSTM is a lot of work and we are having difficulty giving it the time and attention it needs to keep the standards we have for it. Part of it is just life is busy and full of stuff and some of it may be a bit of burn out as well.

We didn’t make this decision lightly and we are sad to let this go but we feel we must.

The Plan

Our plans right now are to discontinue after our 200th show. That puts the final show around June 29th – Not too far from our 4th anniversary in August. We are paid up for the podcasting host for the year so that will remain available for some time. The site space we are graciously granted by Middle-earth Network and we were told will not be shut down anytime in the near future.

Maybe after a while we may come back? Maybe not but I could see us missing it. We love CSTM, the audience we’ve played with and interacted with for years and yes – we still love LOTRO. I suspect if we do continue to share on the blog it will be less news based and more “I found this cool thing to share” type post.

Thank You

CSTM has been an absolutely marvelous adventure for us. LOTRO players are warm and inviting bunch who embraced us and accepted us for our silliness. We’ve had overwhelming support for our podcast and our blog and for our events such as the Fellowship Walk for Child’s Play.

Players donate codes or turbine points to us just to give away or players even donated to us just because to help us pay for hosting expenses. The support was probably more than we deserved and we are very grateful.

Thank you every single one of you. Whether you just listened/read or took the time to contact us, we appreciate you being there.

The CSTM contributing writers have helped us were an absolute blessing and we couldn’t say enough thank them for helping CSTM grow. Articles, guides, cooking, photos, cosmetics, and more were all given to us freely by others passionate about sharing their love of LOTRO. Thank you.

Turbine for their support and tolerance of us. I’m sure they didn’t always love what we said but hopefully they know we love their game. All the LOTRO team: Thank you for making a game we adored so much we decided to record our discussions on it!

While we maybe stopping all the activity on the blog and podcast, you can still catch us in game. We are Meredoc and Goldenstar on Landroval!

I understand, but it is so sad! It is good to know they don’t quit the game, but “just” the blog. It’s also good to know the site itself will not disappear in the near future. They’ve got so much information there!

Merric & Goldenstar, thank you so much for all your time and efforts! And have fun with the little hobbit!



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4 comments on “Lotro looses a great blog!: CSTM to End with Episode 200

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    Always an adventure at lotroadventures…

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