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Developers Q & A: more than only this once


For everyone who was wondering if this would be a one time thing, in response to Welden’s question why the devs stopped at 20 question, Sapience posted:

We had to stop somewhere. Ten was originally the cut off, then we doubled it. This isn’t’ a one-off by the way. This may not be a weekly feature, but we’ll try to do them frequently enough that we keep a steady stream of information coming out.

The whole concept behind this was the “I always wondered” type of questions we see a lot of that no one has every really answered, or never answered with an in depth “here’s how we make the sausage” answer. obviously there are limits to how much of that kind of thing we can answer, but we’ll try to do so more often where we can.

What we didn’t include, intentionally, are quesitons we’ve answered so many times that a quick search of the forums would turn up many responses. Things like lag questions (many, many, many answers), Paid services (there’s a sticky in the account support forums), Helms Deep (we’ve said we have a schedule and will release info accordingly), and other similar questions.

I wonder what they see as “frequently enough” but that’s something we’ll just have to see.

Have fun everyone!


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One comment on “Developers Q & A: more than only this once

  1. […] Okay, I’m aware Hannah is not really new to the Lotro team, but I can imagine we’ll be hearing from her more now, hence the welcome I’m looking forward to hear more from Hannah, but also from Kate. The last thing we heard from Kate was, I think, in January or earlier. Then again, we’ve had more information in the developer’s diary and the latest new feature on the forums: The Dev’s Q & A. […]

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