CSTM Give away actions!


Hey all,

Merric & Goldenstar decided to let CSTM go out with a BANG and they’ve organized three give away actions! Let them know how you feel about the end of CSTM in the following actions:

It is very sad to see the site go, but it’s understandable. I hope we’ll still hear from them in the future through other ways. They won’t leave the game, so if you’re on Landroval, you might catch them there!

Personally, I hope Turbine will do something for both Merric & Goldenstar to thank you for all of these years of excellent podcasts and more. I remember someone suggested Turbine should give Merric & Goldenstar in-game titles as a remembrance. What would you like to see for them to remember CSTM? How about some kind of remembrance statue close to Mordor? Or Bounders who are somehow referring to CSTM? Or something else perhaps?

With 200 Podcasts, loads of guides and so many other fun things, CSTM will always be in our memories.


About Ilse Mul

Junior Game Designer, Author, Lotro addict, Puzzle Pirates addict

2 comments on “CSTM Give away actions!

  1. Turbine should definitely mark this in game somehow…

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