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Hidden Dagger – 5 TP


Burglars are very active and sneaky and they love to gather Turbine Points. Or at least mine do. Here’s the latest.

Deed Description
It is always surprising how many enemies forget to look over their shoulder during a fight.

Sneak-iconHide_in_Plain_Sight-iconShare_the_Fun-iconYou need to use your special stealth skills 300 times.

Once you’ve fulfilled this deed you will receive 5 Turbine Points and the trait Hidden Dagger.

Hidden_Dagger-iconHidden Dagger:
Your attacks from Stealth are more accurate, reducing your enemies’ ability to block, parry or evade them. Additionaly, you deal more damage from Stealth (+2.5%). With Surprise Strike, Cunning Attack, Provoke and Trip (Tangle-foot) you’ll get -303 Target Avoidance.

Hidden dagger is part of the trait set The Quiet Knife:

Servers & Characters
This deed can be done by all Burglar characters on all servers.

Have fun with your free TP’s!


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