How to multibox in Lotro Update

Hey all,

As I told earlier, I’ve started dabbling into multiboxing with Lotro. I am aware of the conflicting opinions about Multiboxing. Personally I multibox with my TP farming characters. It’s a lot easier to get the same deeds finished with 4 characters from 4 accounts at once instead of having to do the same run 4 times. Another reason to multibox, for me at least, is because many of my kinmates are usually not online when I am. And additional I’d like to try out the way fellowships and instances work without plunging into it with experienced players to whom I might be more a burden than anything else.
Multiboxing is great way to get experienced!
And of course, last but not least, it’s a hell of a lot cheaper to send the collected crafting items to my crafting alts when I can simply do a secure trade instead of sending everything through mail. Mail can get very expensive when you have  a lot of things to send. Especially the mastery components are very expensive to mail!

So, how do you Multibox in Lotro?
Turbine has officially stated Multiboxing in itself in Lotro is legal. With the last update it became a lot easier to set everything for Multiboxing. One warning: you need at least 2 accounts to multibox. You cannot login twice with the same account!

Here’s what you need to do to start multiboxing. First, start the Launcher. Let it run until you have the login fields.

Now go to options. Click on the down arrow next to the language selection option. Then click on options.


Next step is to set the right setting in options. Click “Allow multiple game instances”:


Then click OK and you’re set.

Using additional software
The above way however is a tedious way to multibox because you need to handle each client during each fight you have. There is an easier way and that’s multiboxing software. Don’t get me wrong. This is NOT software that handles everything (as in you don’t have to do anything anymore). This is software which broadcasts your keystrokes and mousemovements, in other words it’s a keycloning program. You still need to do all the work yourself, but now you can do it all from one client, which is much handier!

I’ve started using ISBoxer in combination with Innerspace. Yes, Innerspace is a paid program ($50 per year, $15 for 3 months), but with $15 for three months, it’s doable.  And this way I can run multiple accounts and thus get my TP’s a lot easier and thus have much more fun in the game. This is something I can afford right now, so why shouldn’t I do it 🙂

There’s a special userguide for Lotro. You can find it here.

Oh, if you’d like to use ISboxer and Innerspace, you can get a maximum of 30 days free for Innerspace if you enter my email addres (using an image to prevent Spam) as referer:


Have fun multiboxing!


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12 comments on “How to multibox in Lotro Update

  1. Wow… this was short. I was expecting more of the Nitty-Gritty

  2. What more would you like to know? As for ISBoxer, I’m still in the midst of learning that, but I can give some information on that. As for Lotro itself, it’s that easy to run multiple clients 🙂

  3. Can you Multi-box with just 1 account?

    • Thanks for your question! No. You cannot login twice with the same account. Multiboxing is always with 2 or more accounts.
      I’ve adjusted this little guide in answer to your question.

  4. This is great, will try it out. Always wanted to multibox for TP =)

  5. I just stumbled onto this article and being very much a neophite when it comes to online gaming, I was scratching my head, wondering what multiboxing was. I looked it up and am now wondering how does one multibox several characters at once? For instance: if I had 2 accounts and took two toons into Carn-dum, how do I control them both in a fight? How does key stroke broadcasting work, especially when you are playing two toons of different classes?

    • Hi Bibmeadows,

      First, thank you for visiting Lotro Adventures! I’m glad you’ve found your way to my blog 🙂
      Second, multiboxing…. Let’s see if I can explain it a bit further.
      In the basics, you can multibox by simply running two Lotro Clients. However, this is not easy, since you’ve got change between your two characters all the time to make sure they’ll both fight/use their skills.
      If you’re willing to pay $5,- per month, you can use IsBoxer in combination with Innerspace. This gives you the opportunity to run your toons with a key broadcaster. When you press 1 in the screen of your first toon, it will be broadcasted to the screen of your other toon(s) if you’ve set the settings properly.
      In example, I’ve got a Hunter and a Guardian and I play them with Multiboxing. If you’d have Quick Shot equipped in slot 1 of your quickslot bar 1 for the Hunter and Sting equipped in slot 1 of your quickslot bar 1 for the Guardian, the Hunter would execute the Quick Shot Skill and the Guardian the Sting skill after you’ve pressed “1” only once.
      Now, if you’d want it a bit more complicated, that’s also possible, but I can’t explain it yet, cause I’m still in the process of figuring that out. With complicated I mean:
      Your Hunter, has preperation skills (Set Trap) which can only be used outside of Combat, so you want that to happen first before anything else. But if you’ve got the Set Trap skill slotted in slot 1 of quickbar 1 and you’d have the Sting Skill of your Guardian in slot 1 of your quickbar 1, the trap wouldn’t be set. There are way to make the timing happen, but you’d have to set a complete set of the right keystrokes and such. That’s something I’m still working on.
      Also, you can have a fellowship of our characters with, i.e., one minstrel. It is also possible to have the Minstrel heal characters from a non-minstrel screen, but again, that’s something I’m also trying to figure out.

      I hope this was helpful for you. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask! I’ll try to answer each and everyone of them 🙂

  6. […] Adventures has posted a “guide” for using ISBoxer instead of HotKeyNet. I don’t see why you need to do that when you can do it simply and free, […]

    • Well, I’m not really a poweruser, but I find it easy to use 4 characters with ISBoxer especially for TP grinding. And now with 4 crafting characters who all want to go out at the same time to get their ingredients, it does come in handy.
      I don’t have any experience with Hotkey. I started with ISBoxer because you don’t necessarily NEED a lot of coding experience to simply start using it. A lot is already done and for me, at that time, it was easy. 🙂

  7. […] Adventures has posted a “guide” for using ISBoxer instead of HotKeyNet. I don’t see why you need to do that when you can do it simply and free, […]

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