Buried Treasure Hunt


Hey all,

We’ve got a short event: The Buried Treasure Event. Make the most of it!

Travel to Ered Luin to help explore an active dig site near Gondamon! Follow the tutorial quests to get on your way. Once you learn how to use your Treasure Hunter’s Pick, jump into the fray in order to find treasures and rewards, buried just beneath your feet.

Act quickly and dig as much as you can for the event only lasts a few short days!

Are you going to participate? I know I will!



About Ilse Mul

Junior Game Designer, Author, Lotro addict, Puzzle Pirates addict

5 comments on “Buried Treasure Hunt

  1. There is a new Lottery – Skirmish stuff!

    • Yep, just posted it. And loads of Pipeweed! Loving it!

      • OH yeah nearly missed that…dont use it but a win is a win!

        • It surely is! So far I’ve hardly used the Pipeweeds, but I think it’s time I do. I’ve got two farmers already who’ve got plenty of Pipeweed recipes and they’ve even found special pipeweed seeds with normal pipeweed harvests! And some have beautiful paterns and figures for the smoke!
          Might as well use the pipeweed I make… Hmmm, selling might also be a good idea, come to think of it. Apparently there are people who love it!

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