Swift to Anger – 5 TP


Here’s another deed for all the Champions out there!

Deed Description
Swift strike is a dangerous attack, but it normally leaves a bit off balance, unless you can truly master it.

Swift_Strike-iconYou have to strike enemies with Swift Strike 1,000 times.

Once you’ve fulfilled this deed, you’ll receive 5 free Turbine Points and the trait Swift to Anger.

Swift_to_Anger-iconSwift to Anger:
Swift Strike becomes Swift Blade, a frontal AoE hitting up to 3 targets. Your swift Strike and Swift blade skills now generate 1 additional Fervour on Critical Hits. Red Haze activates when you enter Ardour and rewards 1 Fervour for a target defeat. Red haze is permanent while in Ardour.

Swift to Anger is part of the Trait set The Deadly Storm. Other traits in this set are:

  • Stalwart Blade
  • Winds of the Storm
  • Eye of the Storm
  • Mighty Blast
  • Battle Acumen
  • Ardent Rage
  • Improved Rend

Servers & Characters
This deed can be fulfilled by all champions on all servers.

Have fun with your free TP’s!


About Ilse Mul

Junior Game Designer, Author, Lotro addict, Puzzle Pirates addict

4 comments on “Swift to Anger – 5 TP

  1. Ardour makes it easier to kill lots of mobs…great fun! Getting rid of the fervour becomes the problem!

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