Shriya’s adventures as of late

Hey all,

It’s been a while since I’ve told you about Shriya’s adventures. It may seem she hasn’t done much, but actually she has. Let me give you the quick recap she sent me.


Hey Ilse,

I’ve been in the Shire for a long time, helping out a lot of people. I don’t know how you experience it, but I’ve found a lot of hobbits in need. Sometimes it’s simple tings like bringing the mail from Little Delving to Michel Delving, but more often I’ve found people can really get themselves in Trouble. And yes, I did write that with a capital T. I mean how can you think you can simply walk into a brigands camp and not be harmed? Really? Was she out of her mind? But in the end it all worked out.
In some way it was a good thing to do, helping my fellow hobbits. They’ve given me lots of rewards and my reputation with the Mathom Society has risen to a fairly good level, if I may add. And I could surely use that! I don’t know what I did in the past, but for some reason there weren’t really pleased with me. They merely recognized me, but that was it. And that while my parents had done loads for them. But okay, apparently, now that I’ve done enough for my fellow hobbits and given enough mathoms (in all kinds of stages I might add) to the mathom society, they seem to think better of me. Which of course is a good thing. At least now I get a discount at the stables again.

Ah, yeah, I know. I have my own pony, but I constantly have to tell it which way to go. It can’t remember the simplest routes! So, when I’ve got a lot on my mind, I prefer ponies from the stables. They’re so smart!

The Bounders thought I had done such an amazing job in the Shire (they see it clearly far better than the Mathom Society!), that I should head to the town of Bree-land. I’ve visited the Mayor there and he heard of doings. He thought I’d be the perfect person to help with “some” trouble. Huh, “Some trouble” he called it. I can’t believe it! I thought my fellow hobbits had lost their touch, but these Man…. I really can’t believe it. The trouble they can get themselves into. That’s a story for a different day!

Suffice to say that although the Men of Bree didn’t know me at first, I soon got a very good reputation with them! They’re quite fond of trinkets and small treasures and I’ve found quite a lot of these on my journeys through Bree-Land. And with all the help I’ve given these Man, I’ve gotten a reputation of a hobbit who really helps people. As thanks I’ve gotten discount at their stables, loads of gear, jewellery (told tey were fond of shiny things, right?) and luckily also food. What would a faithful Shire hobbit lass do without food to sustain herself during her journeys?
Hmmm, to be honest, I don’t know. Until a few years ago I think hardly any hobbit from the Shire had even been out of the Shire. I’m not sure what stirred others, but I’ve seen travelers from other places, like these Man, but also Elves and Dwarves pass through our Shire for a long time. And yes, mum and dad told me I shouldn’t get myself into trouble, but I want to see more of the world! Can you imagine a life where all you’ve ever seen was the Shire? Truly, I can’t!

But I’m digressing. Let’s get back to my story.

Ered Luin
I’ve heard about this Elves place, but I haven’t properly visited it yet. I really should. I’ve heard from others who’ve visited Elven Towns with these wonderful foreign names like Celondim and Duillond. I’ve paid a short visit to Celondim and I must say, they were right. The Elves truly have magnificent towns! I’m certainly going to return their!

Forestry & Woodworking
You know, my mum was very good with hides and my father was a true woodworker. I’ve always been facinated by everything he made, so I’ve decided to pick up the Woodworking profession as well. I know I’ll need to work harder than I’ve been doing until now to get all the experience I need, but I’ll get there!

Well, that’s it! More later on!


As you can see, Shriya was quite short in her letter. I really hope she can include some pictures in her next letter. That would be great! But until then, this is what we’ll have.

Shriya has finished almost all deeds in the Shire. She’s not into the pie businnes. Maybe I can convince her later on to make sure everyone has good pies. She has helped with restoring the quick post, but she hasn’t fulfilled all her tasks for that yet. I did hear the mail she did deliver was in excellent condition. I will tell this to Sheherezi, cause I know she’s been worried about the mail.

Shriya has even done more work in Bree-land. She’s finished most of the deeds there and is now busy in the Lone Lands. Yes, she really needs to go to Ered Luin too, but I think she’s a bit scared of the Elves. The Man are not a real problem for her, but the Elves are a bit too…. much?

Anyway, with a bit of luck I’ll have her done all the deeds by the end of Tuesday and have her at level 34. At least I hope I do. With that level she’ll get the traveling skill to Esteldin (she’s a Hunter), which makes it easier to work for the guild as well. One of Shriya’s Kinmates (Sons of Durin) has been so kind to port her to Esteldin to become a member of the guild, but I really want her to work hard for the guild and get as much out of it as possible. Easy access to Esteldin would come in handy. And since I don’t have enough TP yet to buy the Eriador Bundle, I’ll need to work with what I can get πŸ™‚

All this adventuring did give me quite some crafting materials, so I’ve been able to set up my scholar character up with a good base as well as some other characters. Which means…. I’ll be working on crafting guides as well the coming weeks!

Well, this is really it for today. I hope I’ll have more good news tomorrow!

What have your adventures been upto now? Have you visited other places? Or have you just started out? Do you use a horse or pony or do you travel by foot? Share your experiences!


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2 comments on “Shriya’s adventures as of late

  1. Great! Sounds like an awesome adventure is brewing for you =) Keep us updated! By the way, which server do you play on?

    As for me, my adventuring this week has all been on Landroval with my new captain, just hit 30 and is currently clearing out wights and evil gaunt men in Nan Delhu. Fun so far, to visit these early places in the game again.

    • An adventure is brewing alright πŸ˜€ Shriya has no idea what she got herself into when she decided to venture out of the Shire. Such a safe place. Perhaps she should have stayed there :evilgrin: We’ll see how she feels about it when she’s really seen everything of the Lone Lands.
      I play on the Nimrodel server.

      Ah, it’s going good with your Captain I see. I haven’t been into other regions of the game, but I can imagine when you’ve spent a lot of time there, it’s fun to see Bree-land, the Shire and Ered Luin again and participate in everything that’s going on!

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