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Lotro Store Sales: For travellers in a hurry & Sauron’s army


For all those players in a hurry to travel to certain destinations, you can now do it in a shorter time!

  • estore_welltraveled_offer_largeHurried Traveler:
    Reduce the recovery time (cool-downs) on Milestone Skills by 30 minutes to use instant-travel more often! Works across all Milestone skills! This is a permanent unlock for your character. Keep this in mind!
    Normal price is 495 TP, now with 25% discount it’s 371 TP.
  • estore_skill_milestone_largeMilestone Skills:
    Set multiple instant-travel destinations! Unlock an additional destination skill to bind at Milestones. 5 additions available! Milestones, or “homes”, are locations that you can instantly travel to from anywhere in the world. Players can bind to one destination at a time for free, and purchasing additional Milestone Skills allows players to access more than one destination at a moment’s notice! If you’re hunter, keep in mind you’ll gain travel access to several locations with new levels you gain! This is character bound. Keep this in mind!
    Normal price is 350 TP, now with 25% discount it’s 263 TP.

Besides the two above you’ll receive 25% discount on Monster Classes, Monster Traits and Monster Skills. Ideal when you want to be in Sauron’s army.

Have fun!


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