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Skirmishes & Woodworking

Hey all,

With all the leveling Shriya has been doing lately, it was time to introduce her to Skirmishing. One of my kinmates from Sons of Durin was very friendly and taught me great things about the Great Barrow Maze. I‘ve had a lot of fun. I don’t know if Shriya had as much fun as I did after she nearly died. Luckily my kinmate was a warden and could draw back the aggro and heal Shriya so in the end it all turned out great!Perhaps, in hindsight, Shriya might have wanted to stay in the Shire, now that she’s experienced how hars the world outside the Shire can be. But since she decided to venture out in the big world of Middle-Earth I decided she needed to experience everything she could!

And although she’s been have some mighty adventures, she had hardly done anything on her woodworking skills and had taken the easy route on her forestry skills by using hides to level these skills. That’s why she’s been running around the Midgewater Marshes to gather Rowan wood. She “only” needed 250 logs of Rowan Wood to finish her Apprentice level. She had done some work on the apprentice level, but not as much as she could have.

Now that she’s got into the leveling business, she’s been gathering Ash Wood as well to master the Journeyman tier.  She hasn’t finished it yet, but that’s okay. And she had already started the expert tier earlier. She’s become a member of the woodworking guild and she’ll be gathering Yew wood to work on her guild reputation.

And to top it all, she’s been working on the Epic Story again. She’s now arrived at Volume 1, book 2, I think chapter 1. I might work on that today, but it’s also tempting to finish up some deeds. I really need those TP. I want to try to have at least the Eriador Bundle before Helm’s Deep is being Released. I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me!

And how’s your experience up until now? Have you had fun? What do you think of the Epic story until now? And what about all the other quests?


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