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New (Senior?) Producer for Lotro

Hey all,

How an innocent question can lead to a thread full of discussion. Luckily Sapience was there to shed light on everything. What was going on? It has become clear Aaron Campbell has changed games. He’s now working as the Franchise Director for Dungeons & Dragons Online. He was the Senior Producer for Lotro. Several people have been wondering who was going to replace him and what this would mean for the direction the Lotro was headed. Sapience has made a very clear post about this:

Kate Paiz is still our Excutive producer, and is the person all of you are actually talking about in terms of “direction of the game.” That’s what the EP does. Some of this is also shared with our Design Director, Derek Flippo who some of you may remember from our Twitter Dev Chats.

One of Aaron’s primary responsibilities was to speak with the press during releases. Hannah Foell (one of our other LOTRO Producers) who has been doing this with Aaron for some time now will be taking that on solo now, though we may throw devs, other producers, and hapless community managers in there with her from time to time.

Personally I don’t know Hannah Foell, heck I don’t “know” anyone at Turbine, beside Sapience a little bit from his posts on the official forums. I do think, however, Turbine would never make such a move if they didn’t have all the confident Hannah could take on the job. Also, I couldn’t imagine the direction of the game would change with only one (senior) producer changing jobs, like others suggested. As Sapience stated: The Executive producer is the one responsible for the direction of the game.
So, here’s my suggestion to all players to “handle” this change:

Let’s give Hannah a warm welcome and don’t nag about people leaving, changing jobs/careers, etc at Lotro, Turbine, etc.

Hannah, I wish you a lot of success taking on this job on your own. I hope you have a lot fun!

Okay, I’m aware Hannah is not really new to the Lotro team, but I can imagine we’ll be hearing from her more now, hence the welcome 🙂
I’m looking forward to hear more from Hannah, but also from Kate. The last thing we heard from Kate was, I think, in January or earlier. Then again, we’ve had more information in the developer’s diary and the latest new feature on the forums: The Dev’s Q & A.

So, what do you think? Will you join me in a great and warm welcome for Hannah?


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