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Turbine’s Plans for the rest of 2013

Hey all,

Just a heads based on some forum posts. People have been asking about plans for the future (half a year in the future) for Lotro, like Turbine has done for DDO. Sapience stated this was pretty clearly:

Kate usually writes a producer’s letter towards the end of the year. I think the rest of this year is pretty clearly laid out.

Forums overhaul.
Helms Deep.
Class revamps.
Housing updates.

Forums Overhaul
This is something I’ve already covered lightly here, which is basically much more then a Forum overhaul. On one hand I’m looking forward to it, on the other hand it would be said if the lorebook were to disappear. Granted, it was outdated, but it still provided usefull information. Lotro Wiki gives us a lot of information as well, but it’s all maintained by fans and I’ve seen mistakes regularly. I’m not inclined yet to make an account there and adjust things. I don’t know if I can really give it the time it deserves.

Helm’s Deep
I’ve given the information which was stated earlier on the official forums, but besides that, no more information is currently known.

Class Revamps
Hmm, that’s news to me. I’ll look into it and hopefully post more tomorrow. If anyone knows more, please post it here!

Housing Updates
With Update 11 Housing foreclosure has been temporarily put to half a year. And…. you can now pay half a year upfront. Which I find really good. This was stated as the beginning of the Housing update which will take place later this year. Unfortunately everyone’s still in the dark about these updates.
I would love it if we’d get crafting facilities in the homesteads. They want us to buy local, but we don’t have local crafting facilities. This means I would have travel back and forth between my home and the crafting facilities. I’d have to plan ahead and buy local what I can (only supplier and provisioner) and then go back to the crafting facilities. Yes, it’s cheaper (I’d have to check how much cheaper, though), but it’s a lot of extra travelling and work.
I don’t mind not having crafting facilities in my own house. At least not in this game, but crafting facilities in the homesteads would be a good change to the Housing system.Also, the possibility to place my furniture anywhere I want it to be placed would be a wonderful change! Now we’re too restricted.

More changes?
I sincerely doubt we’ll see more great changes the rest of this year. Helm’s Deep is going to be a big expansion. I don’t expect another big expansion, as Helm’s Deep is planned for sometime later this year… Autumn, probably.
We might get a small update, like Wildermore, but no news has been stated about that. And we’ve already had a content update this year.
Let’s see, what other changes? I’d like to see something that would show Turbine cares about Roleplaying of some kind. Perhaps rewards for playing music, more hobbies (besides fishing)? What more? Story telling by players? After all, in the old days Minstrels were story tellers. So why not have storytelling as a hobby?

So, what do you know about the above named changes? What would you like to see? And what would you like to see changed, maybe in addition to the above?


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One comment on “Turbine’s Plans for the rest of 2013

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