Farmer’s Faire & update

Hey all,

Browsing the forums today seems to be paying off. Did I previously ask Turbine to please put some time between the Farmer’s Faire and the Summer Festival, it seems I’ve already gotten my answer in a way. The next festival will be (announced by Sapience):

End of the month! (tentatively ~24th)

When asked “Are we expecting 11.2 before then? *whistle*” Sapience replied:

“Around then” would not be inaccurate.

Last year the Farmer’s Faire started at July 26th. Question that remains now, is when the Summer Festival will start. Last year it started August 23rd. With the Farmer’s faire lasting 2 – 3 weeks last year, the Summer Festival was following very close. If the Farmer’s faire is lasting 2 – 3 weeks again this year, I really hope they’ll put the Summer Festival rather in the beginning of September instead of the end of August like last year.

With the Fall Festival closer to the end of October for Halloween it would be a good combination with enough time for people to recover from all the festivals they’ve already had.

As for the update, we now know it’s not going to be a content update, but only bugfixes. Let’s hope with all this time we don’t get new content, Turbine will finally manage to fix all the bugs which have been reported.

What do you think? Are you ready for the Farmer’s Faire?

Edit to add:
As Goldenstar pointed out, the Calendar refers to a summer festival, which would, all things considering, be more logical. After all the Farmer’s faire was supposedly revolving around harvesting things, which is not entirely logical in the midst of summer. So, do you think it’s a Summer festival instead of the Farmer’s Faire (despite the dates coinciding with last years Farmer’s Faire)? I think Goldenstar has got quite a point here 🙂


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5 comments on “Farmer’s Faire & update

  1. The LOTRO calendar is actually tentatively putting summer festival at the end of the month. Jul 24 2013 to Aug 06 2013

    Not sure when the Farmer’s Faire will arrive but I think it was intended as a turn on and off event anyway.

  2. The LOTRO Calendar has tentatively scheduled the summer festival for the end of the month. Jul 24 2013 to Aug 06 2013

    Not sure when we will see the Farmer’s Faire but it’s not a season item, They could turn it on whenever.

    • Oh, you’re right! I hadn’t thought of looking in the calendar. Duh…. I assumed, since the Farmer’s faire was before the Summer festival (and started around the same date last year) it was now the Farmer’s faire too. Although back then I already thought it was strange the Farmer’s faire (with the link to harvest) was in the midst of summer.

      Oh well, thanks for pointing it out 🙂

  3. Oh,t hat’s okay. Weirdly enough it got into spam, while it should have been accepted straight away. I don’t understand why but I approved both 🙂

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