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Finally used my cook for food for my hunter!

Hey all,

Well, I finally did it! Although Sheherezi’s cooking skills and famring skills were maxed a long time ago, I had never actually done anything with it. And now I did! I had been looking for something to make sure Shriya (my hunter) would have more survivability when it came to mind that I have a cook…. Really? Yes, really 😀

So, I’ve made:

  • Chicken_Carrot_Soup-iconChicken Carrot soup:
    For Resistance rating and Wound Resistance
  • Roasted_Chicken-iconRoasted Chicken:
    For Vitality
  • Stew_of_Kings-iconStew of Kings:
    For morale and power regeneration

And just to get Sheherezi going a bit, I’ve also made a few repasts for the guild and Honey-Roasted Chicken, Strawberry Desert Wine and Seasoned Beef with Cauliflower for the Mathom Society. All of these items are Character Bound (Bind on Acquire) so unfortunately I can’t make them for my alts, but I’m sure I can get them other things so build up their reputation.

From now I’m going to TRY to make the Guild and Mathom Society items every day. Especially the Guild items is something I might work on every day as they have a cool down of at least 1 day and several even more.

This all took a bucketload of money. It’s good Shriya was a wealthy woman from all the adventuring she had been doing in the Lone Lands. She made sure to deliver some loot for tasks (currently she’s got a limit of 5 tasks per day) and she sold the rest of the loot. It’s surprisingly easy to raise a couple of gold that way in a few hours time. I’d never expected that.

For the hunter food I needed a lot of Uncooked chicken. I made 200 Stew of Kings, 50 Chicken Carrot Soup and 50 Roasted chicken. It should last me up to 16 hours (give or take) of game time. I think that’s enough to get some more levels for Shriya. She’s now level 33, so level 34 is not going to be a problem. more would be nice!
If you want to do this, be prepared to have a couple of gold (2-3 gold) at the ready to buy all the supplies. Mind you, Sheherezi is not only a Master Eastemnet Cook, but also a Master Eastemnet Farmer, so she could make many of the ingredients, but there are always things left you need to buy:

  • Uncooked_Chicken-iconUncooked Chicken (2 silver and 12 bronze coins each):
    loads of them! You need them for the Chicken Carrot Soup (bowl of Chicken stock), the Roasted Chicken (Marinated Chicken Cutlets) and the Stew of Kings (bowl of Chicken Stock + uncooked chicken)
  • Bottle_of_Water-iconBottle of water (24 bronze coins each):
    You need this for the Bowl of Chicken Stock
  • Pouch_of_Fine_Seasonings-iconPouch of Fine Seasonings (2 silver and 12 bronze coins each):
    You need this for the Marinated Chicken Cutlets AND for the Roasted Chicken
  • Crop seeds for al your vegetables
  • Handful of Fertilizer for all your vegetables
  • Bucket of water for all your vegetables

Next goals:

  • Get Shriya up to level 34 so she can get the Guide to Esteldin skill. This will help with getting her and the alts to the Woodworker, Jeweller and Tailor guild. It would be good to have access to the Scholar’s guild as well, but that means I’d have to get her up to level 46. I don’t see that happening without some serious grinding, especially since I don’t have any Questpack or Expansion pack yet. I think I’d better spend my time grinding TP points to get the Questpacks and Expansion packs before I set my main characters to a grinding fest only for leveling.
  • Do all the Shire quests with Sheherezi. Can you imagine, she’s a hobbit and hasn’t done any quests in the Shire yet. Isn’t that a shame? Especially since she’s done quests in Bree-land already!
  • Finish my TP farming guide for the Shire, at least the theoretical part, so that I can test it. I’m going to test both with a single character and a fellowship to see the difference in time. I wonder if I can save a lot TP grinding time with multiboxing. It will be an interesting experiment.
  • Work on Shriya’s Woodworking skills. I want to her become Master Expert at least soon! That means a serious grind for wood. Since I want to see where all the wood is (need the info for a future guide) I might as well harvest all the wood myself, instead of buying it from a kinnie or in the Auction House.

I think these are enough goals to keep me going for a few weeks, don’t you think?

And what have you been doing for crafting, if you craft at all in Middle-Earth? And what are your Lotro Goals for the coming two weeks?


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