Helm’s deep and new content

Hey all,

A lot of questions are still being asked on the official forums and certainly not everyone is happy with the answers they’re getting. I have to say I’m not surprised with most of the answers and some I’m positively surprised. It’s been a while since Riders of Rohan was released and a shorter time since Treachery of the White Hand (or Wildermore) was released. And now eveyrone’s waiting for new content. Helm’s Deep has been announced, but no actual date has been set, besides “later this year”.

For those of you who have been waiting for more content to show up between now and Helm’s Deep, I have to disappoint you. Sapience stated there would be no new content released.

There is no content coming between now and Helms Deep. 11.2 and any other patches will be bug fixes and minor updates to festivals. If you’re expecting something like a new region between now and HD, no. You just got one in U11.

Personally I don’t realy mind, especially since none of my character have ventured farther than the Lone Lands. Also we’ll have several festivals again:

  • Farmer’s Faire (which I hope they continue)
  • Summer Festival
  • Fall Festival
  • Yule Festival

Together with the Helm’s Deep expansion this is a lot which all going to happen starting late august and continuing until December/January. I’d say that’s a hell of a lot that’s going on in the second half of this year. I doubt we can even keep up with everyting if they’d introduced yet another content update besides Helm’s Deep. Of course, I do realize there are probably a lot of people who couldn’t care less about the festivals, but I happen to like them and I know loads of people like the festivals too.

The only request I have for Turbine:

Please, do NOT plan the summer festival so shortly after the Farmer’s Faire has ended. For me that was a reason not to participate in every festival last year (before my computer really broke down anyway). We had too many festivals in a very short amount of time. It took away the joy of participating in the festivals.

Now you know my opinion about not getting any new content between now and the Helm’s Deep expansion. But what is your opinion on the matter? Do you yearn for a new content update before Helm’s Deep? Would you like to see a little extra piece of Tolkien’s world to explore? Let me know!


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7 comments on “Helm’s deep and new content

  1. Being on the other end of the level spectrum, since the RoR instance cluster came out, it has kept me and my kin busy. And then we got bored of it cause it become a Seal grind. Wildermore introduced more end-game grinding. So really all it is right now is just a massive boring grind, so I can empathize with players who are asking for more new content.

    I am however looking forward to the festivals because it will keep me busy in Lotro at least, while I level alts or something. But if that is all that will be introduced, I will spend more time in other games till HD.

    • I can see where you’re coming from. Perhaps if I were at level cap, I’d feel the same. It does indeed give time to raise some alts. Is there another video project coming up for you?
      And indeed, exploring other games is a serious possibility too. I’ve been thinking about playing Rift, for example, just to see what it’s like. But so far I’m far too busy with Lotro 😆

      • Yes, new video is in the works. I’e been hindered by slow internet and issue with my video editor, but Captain Landroval has not been idle and there will be some updates =)

        And btw Rift is great! Been playing with CSTM in their guild and we’re all learning the game slowly and casually which is fun, because most of us in the guild are all Lotro players which makes it even better. Like-minded people. Check it out if you can, as there is no obligation to level or jump ship completely =)

  2. Yikes. I picked up the game right before Rohan came out. LOTRO was free-to-play, but I subscribed. However, I only played for a month or two. I’m coming back and it doesn’t seem like it has been that long, but now there’s a new expansion coming again!

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