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Lotro Site overhaul end of the month

Hey all,

Everyone makes plans and sometimes plans get adjusted. Turbine has plans to do a big overhaul of the site. We’ve heard several times before the date on which this was supposed to take place was adjusted. Yesterday, Sapience told us there’s another adjustment of the date:

Currently slated for the end of the month (though I did previously say after the 4th).
Lotteries and forum account migrations are the current sticking points.

So, we’ll have to wait again. I guess it’s safe to say the lotteries will come back, since that’s one of the sticking points which holds of the overhaul. I do hope we’ll all get to keep our forum accounts. That would be wonderful! And since that’s one of the issues too, I guess Turbine is counting on the forumaccounts to come back too.

Better yet, here’s more info on that subject:

I think this may be the 4th delay on the forums. I expect there may be more. As I’ve mentioned else where we want this much more smooth than the DDO and AC forum updates. We really don’t want to see huge loss of posts, forum names, info, and such. Plus, I have been pretty hardline on the lotteries with the team. it’s a launch item and that’s that. DDO and AC do not have lotteries. I’ve not budged on my stance that it’s a requirement for launch, so that’s part of the delay.

So, for those who are still wondering if the lotteries had been substituted by the Hobbit Presents: No! And a great hooray for that! Thank you Sapience!

I wonder what it will all look like and how our experience will be. I guess we can only wait and see!


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