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Sneak peek into the next Developer’s Q & A

Hey all,

Although many people complain we hardly get any information, I personally think we get quite some good information. But, as per request by many, two hot questions are being answered in the upcoming Developer’s Q &A. And NO, it’s about Helm’s Deep:

Q13: I wish I knew the real reason for the lags and if and when you are going to eliminate them. I suppose it is a problem in the server code/engine and/or client/server protocol which is not easy to fix?

Q16: Given player concerns about the license and Turbine’s relationship with Saul Zaentz/Middle-earth Enterprises, can you say anything about LOTRO ending in 2014 as some have predicted?

I personally think Turbine will go on with Lotro past 2014, but we’ll have to see about that. As for the lag problem, I wonder about that, but so far I haven’t had a lot problems with lag. Perhaps it’s because I play during daytime in the Netherlands, which is usually nighttime in the USA. But I do wonder about this problem as it’s been reported a lot!

What do you think or hope the answers will be?



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One comment on “Sneak peek into the next Developer’s Q & A

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