Summer Festival it is! Date: July 24th (or around)

Hey all,

Inspired by Goldenstar’s comment, I posted on the official forums it might be the Summer festival because that’s what the calender says. On the official forums several people were also thinking about the Farmer’s faire instead of the Summer Festival 🙂

And guess what, Sapience replied:

Two different festivals. Farmer’s Faire will come later this summer.

So, first we have the Summer festival, which will be a lot of fun. And then later this summer, the Farmer’s faire will return, which was also a lot of fun last year 🙂

Thank you, Goldenstar, for pointing to the calendar and with that inspiring me to post on the official forums about it 🙂

Remember, it’s a tentative date, but as of the looks of it now, it all starts on (or around) July 24th!

And more good news: Sapience stated about the time between the two festivals:

Currently I believe there is slightly less than a month between them.

That’s a lot better than last year. I checked and I’m correct there were 10 days between the end of the Farmer’s Faire and the beginning of the Summer Festival last year. A month is a much better time! That’ll give me the time to cool down from the Summer Festival and time to warm up to the Farmer’s Faire.

Have fun!


About Ilse Mul

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2 comments on “Summer Festival it is! Date: July 24th (or around)

  1. Thank you for keeping us updated. I am looking forward to finally getting one of the very nice cosmetic dresses for my ladies! I didn’t see it until last Fall, then it was way too late.

    • You’re welcome 🙂 I’m looking forward to participating in the Summer Festival as well! I think I got all the dresses last year, but who knows what we’ll get this year. I know I’ll get Sheherezi at least another festival horse (she loves horses/ponies!) and I’ll probably get one for Saeliyagil as well. Since Shriya basically doesn’t really trust horses/ponies she’ll stick tot he Harvest-brew Pony she’s already got 🙂
      Have fun!

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