Crafting: Becoming a Forester

portraitsaeliyaraelErrr, hi, welcome to Middle-Earth, I guess. Err, yes, so, er, Chocoholic asked me to tell you all I know about Forestry. Chocoholic said Rosangiya did such a great job with her Farmer guides for apprentices that she needed someone to make a forester guide as well. She did, you know, do a great job. Rosangiya really did.
I don’t know, though, why Chocoholic thinks I could do such an amazing job. I’ve only just begun. You sure you want my guidance on this? Oh, right, I should tell you my name, I guess. Chocoholic told me to do so, so… my name is Saeliyarael.

Right, seeing your nodding faces, I guess I’ll do my best. So Forestry. What can I tell you about it? Let’s see. Okay, although the word might suggest it, it has nothing to do with building forests. On the contrary, it all has to do with using what you can find IN the forest. And of course outside the forest.

bearErrr, I think I can best explain things like Rosangiya told me. She’s not only a farmer, but she’s also a forester. She uses the wood for her woodworking skills. She too thought I could give you guidance on this subject. She has given me some informaiton about the wood, though, since she knows I’m used to working with hides instead of wood since I’m a tailor too.
Perhaps you can join me for a little trip into the forest? It’s right around the corner here. Make sure you have your weapons at the ready, cause you might need them. Sorry about that.
I always find the forest soothing, don’t you? The small breeze through the trees, the chirping of the birds, the shy animals you might encounter. Oh, er, yes, and there are also monsters to be found here. Real, big, bad monsters. You might want to kill them. I don’t mind. We can use the hides you get to…. No? Oh, hmmm, okay. Well, er….

Oh, I guess I need to kill it then. I’ll need the hide later on. Are you sure you don’t want….? Well, okay, your shaking heads speak volumes. I will kill this bear myself. No problem, I can do that. But keep in mind you need to be able to do this in the future by yourself. Or you’re going to have to buy a lot of hides from other people in the Auction House. And believe, the prices can be steep. Please keep that in mind!

Rowan Branch

Rowan Branch

Ah, let’s start with the basic, which you can see here. One important part of Forestry is, of course, the materials to work with. Here you can see one of the materials you can start with, Rowan Wood. Ah, er, yes, you need to chop this branch. Of course you can’t work with the branch like it is now.
Errr, why do you have these confused looks on your faces? Did I forget something? Let me get my list. Chocoholic gave me a list of things she needs covered, just in case I would forget. It was very nice of her. Let’s see…. Take you to the forest, yes, we are here. Show you the branches, yes, that’s what I just did. Let’s see what else…..
Oh, errr, sorry, I indeed forgot something. A rather huge something, I might say. She asked me to first tell you about the vocations and accompanying professions. She made an afternote pointing out I needed to tell you something about that because not everyone knows it. I forgot about that. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to forgot. Okay…. let me start there. Let’s see… Right, you can tell I’ve never been a guide for professions, can’t you? Well, I hope you’ll forgive me. Let me start back at the beginning like Chocoholic asked and by the time I’ve finished this tour, you will know everything, I hope. Let’s walk back to the crafting area, cause we need to start there.

Let’s see, what did Rosangiya tell me about this to tell you? Right, Forestry, like Farming, is one of the Gathering professions in Middle-Earth. It’s a fairly easy gathering profession, but it’s not as easy as farming. I guess you’ve already seen it, haven’t you? You might need to kill these aweful monsters. We don’t kill the coneys and other innocent animals. No, we don’t. Just the monsters!
But let’s get back to the beginning, the vocations and professions.

Choosing your vocation

Vocations Overview

Vocations Overview

As you can see in this Vocations overview board (Rosangiya has been nice enough to give me this board!), there are a few vocations with which you can do forestry. Which vocation to choose is all up to you, but let me give you a few tips specifically for the forester profession. The two vocations with the Forester profession are:

  • Explorer
  • Woodsman

Now, as an Explorer you can greatly use the Forester profession, Rosangiya told me. With the Forester profession you can turn all the hides you gather into leather which in turn you can use with your tailor profession. If you’re a bit like me and like to roam the country (and not only Ered-Luin, but also other regions of Middle-Earth), you’ll encounter a lot of monsters and thus gather a lot of hides. In combination with your tailoring profession you can make beautiful clothing out of these hides. That’s what I love to do. It’s so rewarding to be able to wear the clothing you’ve made yourself. Especially when they turn out excellent.
Oh, you’re not really interested in Tailoring? You’ll just buy your clothing from another traveler or vendor? Or perhaps from the Auction House? Okay, well, er, in that case there’s another vocation you can better use.
A Woodsman, too, has a high use of the Forester profession, albeit in a different kind of way. The woodsman needs wood, specifically planks and boards. As a forester you can make all of these. And with your woodworking skills you can make all kind of things. I understand from Rosangiya the weapons are especially wanted!
As both vocations rely heavily on the forester, you’ll make a good choice with either one of them. There’s only one tip I can give you: If you like tanning hides and making them into leather, choose the Explorer profession. If you like to work with wood, choose the Woodsman profession.

Well, like I already said, I love to work with hides and turn them into wonderful leather for my clothing. I find it very calming to work with hides. Let’s sit down here, in the Tanning Area so that you can experience the calmness it will bring you. Now, there’s one important lesson I have to teach you from the beginning. Rosangiya insisted on it. She’s much more experienced in this so I’m happy to teach you the lessons she’s taught me. So, this lesson is:

Never practice your craft for nothing. Always make sure someone can use it and make sure you get something in return!

Of course I use the leather I make myself. But if I were to make planks, I’d probably give them to Shriya or Rosangiya. They’re both woodworkers. Rosangiya’ll probably insist on paying for them, but I think that’s hardly fair. After all, she’s already taught me so much! But I don’t think she’ll accept no. But that’s a worry for later. Let’s see, where was I?
Oh, right, the vocations and professions. So, once you’ve decided which vocation you want to use, you need to visit one of the Master of Apprentices and they will help you get started.

Vocation Chosen

Vocation Chosen

Once you’ve chosen your vocation, you will immediately receive your inferior tools and your crafting guide from the master or mistress of apprentices. Now, they suggest that you can actually start with your professions, but that’s not true! The master or mistress of apprentices will give you a quest and will tell you who to visit for this quest. Besides this quest, the guide and the inferior tools, the master or mistress will also have taught you the skills you need to know to recognize wood which is good to work with. For the hides you don’t need a skill. You’ll see soon enough which hides you can use to turn into leather.
Rosangiya pointed this out to me, cause I had my doubts about it. But she was certain I could easily see which hides I would be able to use, so I don’t need to learn a specific skills for that.

Note from Chocoholic: Truth be told, you CAN actually start with your profession without the quests, but it’s always good to do these quests, if only for the free pack of materials you’ll receive.

Accompanying Class
Which class is best for Forestry, you ask? Well, with Forestry, things are a bit different than with Farming. For forestry you need to go out. You need to leave the safety of your town and get out in the wild to get the hides or the logs of wood you’re going to work with. That’s why it’s good to have a class with which you can fight of these evil monsters. You’ll regularly find monsters around the logs of wood you need to chop and of course you need to kill the monsters to get hides you can use.
Of course, you can also buy your logs and hides in the Auction House, but you might end up paying a lot of gold for this!

So, what’s the best class? I’m not really sure. Rosangiya told me A hunter or guardian is very good, cause you’d be able to kill the monsters before they’d get to you. And gathering hides is apparently a breeze if you’re a guardian. If I look at it that way I might have chosen the wrong class. I’m a loremaster. But I hope my pets can protect me.

As for your second question, for which class is forestry good… Well, it doesn’t really matter. No class can use the hides or the logs. You’ll only be able to use the end product as far as classes go, like bows which are made by woodworkers from wood, or cloaks which are made by tailors from leather in example. So don’t let your decision to choose a certain vocation and profession hang on the gathering professions! Or at least I wouldn’t do that. It’s just…. not worth it, in my humble opinion.

Supporting Profession
In this case Forestry is a supporting profession. As a forester you don’t really need things from another profession to continue your job. The Methalsmith, you say? Ah, yes, they can make better forester axes. These axes are said be so sharp you can harvest the wood faster. I don’t know. I don’t have any experience with that yet. I should ask Faniyaraen if she could make me such an axe. But you can also buy a new forester axe instead of the inferior forester axe you got and simply let the one of the crafting helpers repair your axe. That’s also a good start. For now that’s what I’ll do. I don’t want to burden Faniyaraen with such a question. She’s far too busy with more important things!


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  1. Fantastic work…enjoyable and educational…winning combination!

    • Thanks! I’m glad you liked it. I’ve given each character it’s own distinctive personality and these guides are written from their point of view. I figured there were already so many standard guides, it would be fun to divert from the standard.

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