Exploring Bree-Town a bit

Hey all,

Well, I’ve been exploring Bree-town a bit, just to see what it all looks like. I must say, compared to a little over half a year ago, Bree-town was kinda boring. Granted, of course there were all kinds of buildings, but there were hardly any folk around. Nowadays you’ve got a lot more folk (NPC’s) in the Town of Bree. And I like it!

A small example is this woman (hobbit I think, seeing her size in comparison to the fence), sitting on a fence near the stables besides the west gate of Bree-town (accross the Relic masters).

Woman sitting on the fence

Woman sitting on the fence

Oh, she’s not doing anything and you can’t interact with her, but it’s fun to see. Later on I’ll show you more things I found in Bree which make it a more lively town.

I just wish you could really interact with this characters. That would make it even more fun!

Have you seen things like this in Bree-town which make the town more lively? Let me know!


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2 comments on “Exploring Bree-Town a bit

  1. Hi, I have several images, but I don’t know how to share them here. There’s quite a lot of interesting new bits. Most intriguing are the set of locked gates guarded by Dwarves and in the back we can see lots going on in some sort of expensive estate.

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