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Developers Q & A: Sneak peek


Are you already looking forward to the next Q & A with Lotro Developers? I know I am. Yes, there are many ways by which they could do this, and I do agree they should use many more options, but at least we’ll get answers to some questions.

Sapience gave a little sneak peek into the next round of Q & A in a post about a possible release date for Helm’s Deep. The question:

If the date isn’t set yet ( or it’s super, duper top-secret, turbine security clearance level 10 ), will there be an update for the expansion soon?

And the answer

It’s actually level 42.

There is information coming. The team is currently working on the next 20 Questions article. It is 100% about Big Battles/Instances.

What do you think? I wonder if this means we’ll get a (small) preview into the battles/instances in Helm’s Deep. Perhaps they’ll even answer the question whether Helm’s Deep will instantly have instances, or if you need buy those separately. I know that’s one of the big questions people want to see answered.

As for the rest, I haven’t played that much instances yet, so I don’t really have any questions. What questions do you have about instances/big battles?

Have fun!


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One comment on “Developers Q & A: Sneak peek

  1. […] Earlier I told you the next Q & A with the Developers would answer something about Helm’s Deep. Well, as it turns out it’s pretty much all about Helm’s Deep. But it’s all focused on the Big Battles. Although, I’m nowhere near level 85 and the new level cap will become 95, it turns out even players with level 10 can join in on the fun. […]

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