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News about the Housing update

For all of you who were looking forward to the update to the Housing system in Lotro, here’s some marginal news:

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I just want to set some expectations before too many people start getting the wrong ideas.

Primarily, please do not confuse ‘this year’ with ‘Helm’s Deep’. While there may be some first steps in launched alongside Helm’s Deep we aren’t trying to tie the two things together. Any housing changes wouldn’t be tied to a HD purchase for example. So don’t expect HD to launch with an entirely new housing system, and I’d caution against thinking we’re going to be able to rip out the old system and build a new one from the ground up. That’s just not in the scope of this. If you think more in terms of revise and revitalize, you’re a lot closer than if you’re thinking overhaul and rebuild.

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I wonder what it will look like in the end.


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