Interview with Jay Piette (director of quality assurance)


Okay, it’s not the Developer’s Q & A, but I think this belongs in the same category 🙂

Gamebreaker TV’s  special reporter Monty has done an interview with Jay Piette, Turbine’s director of quality assurance. Thanks, Crell_1 for posting the link in the forums!

I think the interview gave a wonderful insight into the gaming industry as a whole and Turbine (and Lotro) in particular.

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AYOUtV4C?p=1 width=”550″ height=”443″]

Well, for me this was another incentive to keep working on my GDD for my game (which I could use after the announcement about EverQuest Next which seemingly will do a lot of what I had in mind for my game…) and to keep trying to get a job in the gaming industry.

As for Lotro: Keep submitting the bug reports! Each and every one will be looked at and if possible solved soon.

What did you think? Interesting interview? I wish Turbine would make and post more interviews like this!


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2 comments on “Interview with Jay Piette (director of quality assurance)

  1. I work in QA and this is interesting, although I am working with translations…

    • I have never worked in QA, but I have applied for a job in the QA department of a games company here in the Netherlands. Unfortunately I didn’t get the job (none experience isn’t helpful…), but this video did give me a lot of insight! I’ll jsut keep on trying.
      Unfortunately most gaming companies here in the Netherlands are about 1,5 – 2 hours drive from where I live, and that’s only getting there. That would make for aweful long working days 😦
      But who knows! There might be a job out there for me!

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