Helm’s Deep: more of the concept art becomes clear & a bit more info

Hey all,

More of Helm’s Deep concept art has been revealed. There more pieces now:


So far 4 pieces have released. Instead of weekly release for each piece of the picture, what I was expecting, they’re doing a daily release. So perhaps we’ll get a new released picture next week?

I am looking forward to seeing the complete picture! This really gives me a “movie” picture feeling. Of course this is not what we’re going to see in-game, but it’s very interesting to see how Turbine develops the game art!

And, Sapience told us a tidbit more information about Helm’s Deep:

A couple of quick points. First and foremost our game is based on the books and not the movies, so let me address that first…

1. Haldir arriving with his elves – never happened in the books. only in the movies.
2. the uruks blowing up the wall – something blew it up, but don’t expect to see some Uruk with a bomb running up 1984 style to the wall. Didn’t happen that way in the books.
3. Legolas’s shield-surfing move… just… no.
4. Gimli’s “Toss me!”.. again.. just no.
5. Our Epic Battles system will put you in Helm’s Deep and you will be responsible for contributing to its defense. That includes fighting.

Can you also see Sapience shaking his head in amazement people could think point 3 and 4 would be happening in-game? Althoug it was fun to watch in the movie, it wasn’t …. I don’t know, true to the books I guess?

So, what do you think of it all? Are you looking forward to it? Can’t you wait until Helm’s Deep is released? Or are you more laid back like me, who’s highest leveled character is about 34 and enjoying the lower leveled areas?

Have fun!



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2 comments on “Helm’s Deep: more of the concept art becomes clear & a bit more info

  1. Wasn’t Gimli’s quote: “Toss me!…a new pair of socks!”

    Well for me like you it will be slow but will get there eventually!

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