Free Sample of the Week

The sale also brings a nice free sample this week!


Remember, one per account means one PER SERVER per account. So if you’ve got characters on multiple servers, don’t forget to give one character of each server these mithril coins!


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9 comments on “Free Sample of the Week

  1. I like mithril coins…find it hard to stop using them now…but will not buy them…ever…

    Are u sure about the server thing…? Will have to check that out later!

    • Same here. Not boing to buy Mithril coins… ever. Unless I win the jackpot. 🙂

      I’m very sure about the server part. I’ve tested it myself a while ago with another sample. It’s like the hobbit presents. They’re also 1 per account, but per server.

      • AHA…all those missed freebies!

        Well tonight I get mithril for all my servers then 🙂 5 now.

        • Yay! I’d better do that for my Snowbourn characters as well 🙂 They might actually use them!

          • I like to get: “Return to Lalia’s Market”. It is a permanent port directly to the market in mid-town Bree and cost only 3 Mithril Coins. Now that is a deal! Even if I don’t need anything from the shoppe, I do like to fly around.

            Thsi was stolen from http://www.danania.net/2013/05/lalias-market-nearly-free-port.html

            • Oh, this is a good idea! Allthough my Hunters won’t need it (they have free ports to many towns when they get higher levels), I think it’s wonderful for my Guardian and other characters. I know Sheherezi will find it an excellent idea to be able to get back to Bree in a blink of an eye!

              Thanks for telling me!

              • It much easier to get than the race deed for man (Enmity of the Wargs II (150more wargs to kill!) and if your elf, hobbit or dwarf almost essential…

                • As a Hobbit, Elf or Dwarf you can get the return to bree skill when you’ve got enough reputation. And that’s quite easily achieved with killing baddies in the Barrows. With all those reputation items they drop, it’s not that bad to get it. Before I knew it I had reached max reputation with Shriya for Men of Bree. At some point in those reputation levels you can buy the skill. Not sure at what level though.

                  I can imagine it’s not easy to kill 150 wargs. 😦

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