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Helm’s Deep: Two new pieces of Concept art picture have been released!

Hey all,

And yet again we see new parts of the concept art:


Siege weapons anyone? I wonder how they’re going to include that for us players. After all, we can hardly pull canons behind our war steeds, now can we? I am intrigued. I have to admit that. Hmm… so many goals to accomplish, so little time….. Prioritize… How do I prioritize Lotro and my story (books?). Need to think about that. Cause more and more I feel that,… well…. compulsion almost, to write and I love to spend time in Lotro. Oh, and then there’s work. Apparently I have to work to pay my bills……. Oh well, that can’t be avoided, they tell me.

Anyone have a time-turner for me?


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Junior Game Designer, Author, Lotro addict, Puzzle Pirates addict

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