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Lotro Store Sales: Crafting!!! Sale August 30th – September 5th 2013

lotrostoresale-20130830The Lotro Store has several crafting items on sale!

  • Ingredient packs for Tier 1 – 8 (Apprentice – Eastemnet) :
    Spending too much valuable time searching for miscellaneous crafting ingredients scattered throughout Middle-earth? Can’t locate a vendor? Take advantage of one stop shopping in the LOTRO Store and get back to crafting! Ingredient Packs are used in place of traditional ingredients, so stop the search and get to work on your recipes! Applies to Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert, Artisan, Master, Supreme and Westfold profession tiers.
    Prices are now 18 – 123 TP (old prices: 25 – 175 TP)
    If you’re saving your TP for bigger purchases like me, do NOT buy these packs! If you look carefully in the auction house you may find the ingredients you need, ask a kinmate or ask in the trade channel for the resources you need. You may very well find you can buy ingredients for a good price in bronze, silver or gold without having to spend your precious TP!
  • Crafting Guild Access:
    Improve your chosen profession by unlocking a Crafting Guild progression! Crafting Guilds provide additional paths of advancement for many professions. Membership in a crafting guild is exclusive – you may only be a member of one at a time. Available to Cook, Jeweller, Metalsmith, Scholar, Tailor, Weaponsmith, and Woodworker professions. With this access pass you’ll get access above Apprentice of the Guild level as a free or premium player. This is free for VIP’s!
    Prices are now 207 TP (old price: 295 TP)
    This is something worth considering! If you don’t buy this access, you can’t get past the first level of the guild, which would be a shame since the higher levels have nicer gear and such!
  • Craft Experience Boosts:
    Use any Crafting Experience Boost to gain a bonus to XP earned from crafting! Affects all Cook, Jeweller, Metalsmith, Scholar, Tailor, Weaponsmith, and Woodworker recipes. Offers include:

    • +100% Crafting XP – grants a 100% boost!
    • Scroll of Greater Craft Acceleration – grants a 50% boost.
    • Scroll of Lesser Craft Acceleration – grants a 25% boost.

    Prices are now 105 – 910 TP (old prices: 150 – 1300 TP)
    If you’re saving your TP like me, I’d suggest NOT spend it on these items. Granted, you’ll need to spend more time crafting, but it will save you a lot in grinding your precious TP!

  • estore_craft_instant_largeRapid Crafting Boosts:
    Craft more in a shorter amount of time! This item lasts for 1 minute and significantly reduces your crafting induction time to 0.5 seconds. It does not stack with tools that also reduce your induction time.
    Prices are now 105 – 210 TP (old prices: 150 – 300 TP)
    Same as before: It’s tempting, but do NOT buy it, if you’re saving your TP for bigger purchases!
  • estore_craft_instant_largeComplete Crafting Tiers:
    Stuck? Not enough time? Get right to crafting at your level. Purchase one of these to instantly complete that tier of crafting!
    *All crafting Professions have them!
    *Offers for Apprentice to Westfold level crafting.
    Prices are now: 1015 – 2905TP (old prices: 1450 – 4150 TP)
    Mind you, crafting gives you character experience as well, so you might want to think about this! And although it maybe tempting, if you’re saving your TP for bigger purchases, do NOT spend it on this.
  • estore_recipe_book_largeRecipe Books:
    Get all recipes for your tier of crafting in a single purchase! You’ll be able to unlock recipes that can be found on vendors and in random treasure drops.
    *Note: Does not include any one-shot or reputation recipes.
    For those who are trying to save their TP for larger purchases: Do NOT buy these recipe books! You can buy all recipes in-game for gold, silver and bronze!
    Prices are now: 35 – 350 TP (old prices: 50 – 500TP)

Allthough I’m saving TP for the Eriador Quest Pack bundle, I think it’s interesting enough to get another craft guild access. Shriya is working on her woodworking skills and I think it’ll be worth it to get her past the first level of the guild.

Have fun and let me know your experiences with the above items!


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