Weekend Increase on drop rate Loot Boxes & My first Bounder Tokens!

Hey all,

Turbine has announced the drop rate on Loot boxes has increased for the weekend:

Now that’s a nice birthday gift! So today I’m way too busy with everything for my birthday, but tomorrow I’ll be hunting for bounder tokens and lootboxes!

Oh, and I won my first bag of bounder tokens!:


Sheherezi’s been killing some Goblins north of Brockenborings and got this. Of course she was excited and that’s probably an understatement. Now she’s determined to get more and more of these tokens so that she can buy that pony, the Steed of Michel Delving. That’s a whopping 1,500 tokens she need for that. But…. If she does the work, I’ve decided I’ll let her have the pony. She’s been a good hobbit all along with advising Sapphiya about her cooking proffession (about which you’ll hear later) and Rosangiya about her farming profession. She deserves it.

Happy hunting everyone and maybe I’ll see you all tomorrow again!


About Ilse Mul

Junior Game Designer, Author, Lotro addict, Puzzle Pirates addict

8 comments on “Weekend Increase on drop rate Loot Boxes & My first Bounder Tokens!

  1. Happy Birthday 🙂

    I played early Sunday morning but noticed servers were down this morning (or game was down due to internet connection) same result…NO LOTRO…hope it didn’t spoil the weekend for you…

    Hope they fix it soon…also website issues, cant get to FORUMS…

    OH dear….

    • No forums, no lotteries, no main site… nothing. @lotro Twitter is very quiet too 😦 And this while I’ve got a few hours to spend until I need to get back to work again. 😦
      Oh,w ell, maybe it’s a good thing. I’ll have time to work on my book!

  2. The other one I cant find the link 😦
    but is called: Bounder’s Bounty Guide and Server Donations Graph
    is very good 🙂

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