The Bounder’s Bounty: Bug


Unfortunately there’s a bug in the event. AS per Amlug’s Report:

We found an error with the deeds and what level you need to be to have them bestowed. Right now, players under level 45 are not getting the deeds if they complete the Aiding the Bounty quest. We are fixing it and it will be up the next time we patch!

The good news is that all of your turn ins and progress will be tracked when the fix is applied. So you can keep turning in and doing the quest without any worries that you aren’t getting progress. We just secretly locked it behind super secret dwarf doors. Once the fix is applied, you will also have access to the personal reward vendor if you have earned it! Sorry for the mix up and keep turning in those tokens!

Unfortunately this means I can’t keep track yet. Cause none of my characters is level 45 yet. BUT, it is going to be fixed! They just haven’t set a date for the next patch yet.

So, if you’re character has been donating bounder tokens and has no (open) deeds yet, first check the level before you’re /bug it.

Have fun!


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6 comments on “The Bounder’s Bounty: Bug

  1. more bugs: at the moment you cannot donate tokens after server goal is reached…

    EdgeCase (from LOTRO, Turbine) says:


    All deeds can be earnt even after server has reached goal, will be fixed.

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