Crafting tip for free players

Hey all,

If you’re a free player like me, there are a few things to take into consideration when you’re going to craft:

  • Inventory Bags
  • Vault Upgrade
  • Currency Cap
  • Alts

Let’s run by them one at a time.

Inventory Bags
As a free player you’ll get 3 bags (bag 1, 2 and 3) with a total of 45 slots. What I do is focus my inventory on the profession(s) my character is actually going to use & equipment/gear my character can use at that moment or up to 5 levels higher. All other items are either going to alts, the auction house or sold to vendors.

Vault Upgrade
You can buy Vault upgrades both with Turbine Points and with in-game money. However, with in-game money you’re restricted to 120 slots.  Do you want more slots, then you’ll need to spend TP. If you’re free player like I am, the best you can do is save up your in-game money to buy the 120 slots and only then spend TP on more slots if you really need them. You can also consider to make alts (see below) to store!

Currency Cap
Here’s the thing with Currency cap. In the beginning it’s okay to have a cap of 2 gold. But at some point you’ll need to spend TP so that you’ll be able to buy more slots for  your vault, buy recipes, ingredients and much more. Save your TP to buy a currency cap removal first before you consider spending your TP on vault slots! After all, the currency cap removal will make it possible for you to buy more vault slots with in-game money!

Like I said above, you can also use alts to store more craft materials and ingredients. Just make a new account (you’re allowed to have as many accounts as you like) and make the two free alts you’re allowed to make. You don’t need to level them. All you need is their vault and inventory bags. That way you can save TP again!

And with thanks to Tsuhelm: It’s best to station your storage alts in Bree, because you’ve got both the auction Hall and the Vault in one building. So, if you’re making storage alts, make a Man character, cause those will end up in Archet and from there it’s easy to go to Bree.


About Ilse Mul

Junior Game Designer, Author, Lotro addict, Puzzle Pirates addict

2 comments on “Crafting tip for free players

  1. Alts for Storage: well as F2P need to get them to Bree AH/Vault, so you are going to have to play the introduction…VIP can skip this I think…(not VIP so not sure :))

    • Yep, F2P characters going to Bree would be best indeed.
      And premium characters can skip the tutorial. I’d have to check on intro, allthough I think everyone has to do the intro on premium and VIP, since it’s part of the epic story

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