Helm’s Deep: Costs in Turbine Points is announced


Hey all,

The costs of the new expansion in Turbine Points has been announced! We have to pay 4295 Turbine Points to buy the Expansion pack in-game. So, do you already have all the other expansion packs and are you ready to move forward to Helm’s Deep? Than grind those Turbine Points!

Have fun!


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2 comments on “Helm’s Deep: Costs in Turbine Points is announced

  1. HOW, do you grind that?

    • Do all the TP deeds. These are deeds for slaying X amount of monsters, exploring Middle-Earth and more. They give you Turbine Points. The deeds are not repeatable on the character. Therefore it comes in handy to have TP grinding characters on another server than your main.
      Usually it’s easiest to do all the deeds in the Shire, Ered-Luin and Bree-land, then delete the character and start a new one. Your TP are saved on your account instead of on your character, so you won’t loose any TP when you delete your character.

      Have fun!

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