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Preparing for Helm’s Deep: Crafting


Hey all,

As you know I love to craft and quest and roam around the country. With Helm’s Deep Release a little over 5 weeks away, I thought I’d better look into some preparations for the release. Granted, currently I’m no way near Rohan, but still, I guess there are a few things we can already see coming. And this time around I’d like to prepare a bit, if I can.

So, what does Helm’s Deep bring that we know of?:

  • New level cap (95)
  • New regions
  • Big Battles in which you can take part from level 10 on (I heard something about upscaling or something like that?)

Level cap & new regions
Looking at the first two options (cause the Big battles is far away for me), I expect the new level cap and the new region will bring us a new crafting level, like with RoR. Of course we need to learn new equipment, new weapons, new outfits, and loads of other things. After all, we can’t be expected to continue with what we’ve already got to defeat stronger enemies, now can we? And I can imagine this new region will bring us exciting new things for us all to craft.
So I guess we’ll learn about new materials, resources and more. Can we actually prepare for that? Well, perhaps not in real materials, after all, up until now each new tier came with new many materials. But I think it’s a good idea to save up on cash…  Of course I mean game-cash. I remember getting Eastemnet Farming rank and Cooking rank took about a day, but it also took a lot of money! Based on the Eastemnet tier, I think a couple of Gold coins should suffice, but I ‘m not sure anymore if that was indeed the amount of gold I needed back then. Aiming for 5 gold per profession for only this new tier is a good thing, I think.

Guild Level
I hope the new crafting tier is not the only thing that Helm’s Deep brings us. Based on the RoR change I think we can also expect a new guild level, at least for the crafters. This is something we CAN prepare for. Right now Sheherezi is working on her guild reputation (that is to say, if I can actually log her in without problems). I hope to have her on the max level in a few weeks with enough time left to prepare some repasts for the new tier.

So, the new tier…. Let’s have a look at the progression with the other tiers:

Tier Points needed Difference between points needed for the ranks
Guild Initiate 0 0
Apprentice of the guild 10,000 +10,000
Journeyman of the guild 20,000 +10,000
Expert of the guild 25,000 +5,000
Artisan of the guild 30,000 +5,000
Master of the guild 45,000 +15,000
Grand-master of the guild 60,000 +15,000

So, if we take the above table as a basis, we might get a new level for 75,000 points. That’s again 15,000 point more than for the previous tier.
Then again, they’ve been pretty consistent with changing the amount of extra points you need: twice +10,000, twice +5,000, twice +15,000. This might mean they’re going for another tactic all together. Maybe they’ll add another 5,000, making the total for tier 9: 65,000. Or do you think they’ll add 5,000 to the 15,000 and give us a new tier with 80,000 points?
Anyway you look at it, preparation is needed! Be it in the actual guild items, or in the basic materials/ingredients to make the guild items, it’s all helpful! Everything you’ve already will help you to get this new rank soon!

I wonder what Helm’s Deep will bring us for cosmetics. I know there are probably several looking forward to that. So far I’ve saved my TP for questpacks and expansion packs. Oh, and the occasional guild access. I’ll keep working on that, but it might be worth it to invest in some wardrobe slots in the future. Or perhaps get more free alts and stash everything there. Hmmmm…. possibilities…

What will you do to prepare your crafting for Helm’s Deep?



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