Crafting: Becoming an Apprentice Forester


portraitsaeliyarael/looks up from her tanning work at the feeling of a piercing gaze on her shoulders.
Errr, hi. Are you here to tan some hides as well? Oh, you’re here to look? What are you looking for? You’re…. what? Looking for who? Oh…… right,….. errrrr, are you sure you’re looking for me? Oh, Chocoholic told I could tell you more about Forestry? Ah, well, you see, I’ve already written a guide to help you start forestry. Oh, you’ve already read that? And you want to know more? Oh….. errrr….. Hmmm.. Maybe Rosangiya had a point when she told more people might come and look for more information.

Okay, so….. errr…. you want to know more? What would you like to know?

paperpencil/scribbles on a piece of paper:

  • Products to make
  • When is it enough?
  • Costs
  • What to do with the results?

/ends the scribbling and looks up

These are good questions. I think I can help you with those. Please, please, have a seat. I’ve got a few more hides to prepare and tan. It’s a secure work, you know. I want to preserve as much of these hides as possible. Later on I’m going to make some clothes with the leather, so it’s best to have the leather in the best state possible. You really don’t want to loose any leather because your preparations weren’t good. Or, at least I think so. Oh, you agree? Ah, good! Cause I’ve never been entirely sure about my method. Good to hear others think the same.

Products to make
Ah, yes, sorry for digressing. You want to know which products you can best make? Well, it depends on which other profession you’ve chosen. If you’ve chosen the woodworker proffession, you’d best make Thin Rowan Boards plankoftreatedrowanicon. Or so Rosangiya tells me. She’s a woodworker, you know. She really knows her stuff, so if she says it’s best to make Thin Rowan Boards at this moment, than that is what you should choose to do.
Like I said I’m a tailor myself. So, I choose to turn hides into Brushed light leather lightleatherpieceicon. Leather is something I can really use and it would make no sense for me to make Treated Rowan planks, now would it? It would, you think? What for? Other people? Ah, maybe I should teach you one lesson Rosangiya taught me herself:

Never practice your craft for nothing. Always make sure someone can use it and make sure you get something in return!

You’re right, I could make these planks for others, but than I wouldn’t have any leather to work with for myself. I’d have to buy that. Now, although I don’t get anything in return right away, it does give me a lot of possibilities. I can make all my own clothing. Which is much better. And I’ve already had people asking for the leather I make. They are willing to pay much more for my leather than for my planks. Truth be told, I don’t think I’m that good in making boards. I’ve made some and showed them to Rosangiya. She just looked at the boards and then at me. All she said was that I’d better stick to the leather and use that for my tailoring proffession. That tells it all, doesn’t?
But my leather, people really want that. Earlier this week they were lining up right over there. I didn’t know what was going on, until Rosangiya told me they were hoping I’d sell the leathers to the vendors over there. They wanted to buy the leathers straight from me instead of going through the vendors. Can you imagine that? Me? Making such a fine quality of leather? I was surprised, I can tell you that! Pleasantly surprised, mind you, but surprised nonetheless.

/looks thoughtful at the hide in the tanningrack before shaking her head.

Well, be that as it may, I’ll only sell my leather when I can’t use it myself. But I’ll let you in on a little secret: I’ve already made a nice amount of money selling my leftover leathers. Enough to get myself some nice jewellery. I paid Sapphiya handsomely for it. Perhaps she’ll sell you some too!

When is it enough?
Oh, you’re not really interested in the selling affairs right now? Ah, sorry for bothering you about that. Well, if you don’t mind, I’ve got-
/looks up at the elf on the other side of the tanning rack.
Errr, hi, can I help you? Oh, you’re also here for some more information? Well, err…. have a seat over there, please. I was just explaining a bit more to this handsome fellow over here.
Right, so you wanted to know when you’ve made enough? Well, that depends on whether you make leather or boards. Mind you, when you’re working on your craft there are always these people who are keeping an eye on you. You may not notice, but they’ll tell everything to the experts. I had made about 30 brushed light leathers when the experts told me I was now an official Apprentice Forester. Apparently they were convinced I had done a good job.

Now, I do not have any experience with wood, so I asked Rosangiya about her experiences. She told me she had just finished her 23rd Thin Rowan board when she was told the experts considered her an Apprentice Forester.

I’m glad I didn’t make the boards, considering the way Rosangiya looked at my work on the one board Agallan asked me to make. Although he said I did an excellent job, her look told me everything I needed to know. I think I would never have become an apprentice forester if I had stubbornly made these boards.

Once you’re an apparentice forester, you are allowed to use Medium hides and Ash Logs and of course you can continue your crafting until you’ve reached Mastery in Apprentice.

Note from Chocoholic: With the light leathers you’ll get 6 points for each light leather you make. For each Treated Rowan Plank you make, you’ll receive 8 points. That’s why you need to make less planks than leather.  However, the costs might make another decision for you, as you can see below.

Right…. You also wanted to know what it will cost you to get your apprentice tier, correct?

/muttering to herself: costs, costs, now where did I leave that note. Ah, here!

Well, as far as the costs go, these depend on what you choose to practice your craft with. You need 2 hides 2lighthides per 1 brushed light leather you make. If you’ve killed the monsters yourself, it won’t cost you a thing. Otherwise you might want to check with your kinmates or the auction house. I’ve been lucky because Sheherezi was so generous to send me all the hides from the monsters she killed for free!
Your inferior axe will soon break down. The best you can do is buy a new axe from one of the suppliers. If you’re lucky a metalsmith might be willing to sell you a new forester’s axe. Some are quite good and sharp. This will help you craft faster.
Will you use hides? In that case the costs break down as followed:
60 Light hides: Free
1 new forester’s Axe: 2 silver
Are you going to make boards? Oh, it’s good I informed with Rosangiya what the costs would be. She told me for each Thin Rowan Board you need 2 logs of Rowan Wood 2logsofrowanwood. The costs for that would break down as followed:
2 Logs of Rowan Wood: free if you chop these yourself. I don’t the prices in the auction house .
1 new Forester’s Axe: 2 Silver

What to do with the results
Well, the best thing is using either the leathers or the planks for your own profession. If you decide to sell the hides to the vendors, they’ll probably give you about 13 silver for them. If you sell the boards to the vendors they’ll probably give you about 10 silver for them. As you can see you can much more profit by making leathers and selling them, instead of making boards.
I haven’t looked into the option of selling my products on the Auction House, so I can’t tell you the profit you’d get from there.

Thin Rowan Boards

Note from Chocoholic: Leveling does cost some money, but in the end it can really pay of as you can see.

Note 2 from Chocoholic: With the implementation of Helm’s Deep, the Treated Rowan Planks were changed into Thin Rowan Boards for which you don’t need any Lump of Wax anymore. The Light leather has changed into Brushed Light Leather. This guide has been adjusted to these changes.


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6 comments on “Crafting: Becoming an Apprentice Forester

  1. Ah, but the auction hall pays much more for hides or planks than any vendor, so that is my suggestion.

  2. If you have left overs NEVER use NPC’s…. AH has great prices indeed I have 1 char posted on AH duties at all times…you can make gold by buying and selling but it is actually surprisingly time consuming. But if I am short of mats I do buy in AH at high prices…I maxed Arwynneth’s tailoring that way as was not even able to farm the mats needed.

    • Hmmm… it’s a good thing to keep in mind 🙂 So far my farmers and foresters have donated their products to my cook and tailor, so nothing goes to waste 🙂
      But making gold is also very interesting. I think AH watching is coming in the future!

  3. OH yeah another fun and useful guide:)

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