Helm’s Deep: Changes for Free Players


As promised I’d make a short series about the changes that Helm’s Deep brings. This is the first installment of that series.

Many people have been wondering what Helm’s Deep will bring and what it will change for Free Players. I thought I’d list it here.

  • Epic story as of Volume III, book 11 is paid
  • Epic Battles are paid, so even if you’re level 10, you can NOT play them until you’ve bought the expansion
  • Trait Trees: You’ll have 2 free specialization options. For the rest you have to pay Mithril Coins. You will have to unlock the set bonusses through the store.
  • Getting more than 15 storage slots in your house without Currency cap removal is impossible (see housing changes

This is what I have seen and tested on the test server, Bullroarer.

Have fun with Helm’s Deep!


About Ilse Mul

Junior Game Designer, Author, Lotro addict, Puzzle Pirates addict

4 comments on “Helm’s Deep: Changes for Free Players

  1. Welcome back…missed ya.
    Nerve racking waiting big changes to game one loves….
    My first fear is that therew are technical problems with actually downloading and installing (that is 2 fears in 1)
    After that it will be straight into trees to play around with skills…I hope I like it.
    And crafting…how did your crafters fair in BETA?

    • Thanks 🙂 It was very tempting to post something about Beta, but of course I couldn’t. And with Beta, writing for my books and jobhunting I didn’t have enough time to post here…..
      Glad to be back though!
      And my crafters…. well, they were regularly wiped, but they had fun 😆

      Ah, and the downloading and installing is one of my fears too. I expect it will be quite some time before I’ll be able to download the packages. I wonder how the adjusted specs will turn out though. Turbine did say the specs for Lotro would be adjusted with the release of HD, but i haven’t seen anything about it yet.

  2. […] Helm’s Deep: Changes for Free Players (lotroadventures.wordpress.com) […]

  3. […] Helm’s Deep: Changes for Free Players (lotroadventures.wordpress.com) […]

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