Helm’s Deep: Changes for Crafting


As promised I’d make a short series about the changes that Helm’s Deep brings. This is the third installment of that series.

These are the Crafting changes which we’ll have as of November 18th.

New Crafting Tier
Earlier, I already said I expected we would get a new crafting tier, which of course I already knew from beta: Westemnet. To become Proficient Westemnet, you’ll need 840 Experience points. To become a Master Westemnet you’ll need 1680 Experience points.
This new tier brings all kind of new recipes, as expected.

It’s simply too much to list all the new recipes here. I’ll list them along the way as I get them.

Crafting Guild
The new crafting tier also brings a new Crafting Guild tier: Westemnet Master of the Guild. You’ll need 90,000 Reputation points for this. If you’ve already got all the reputation item recipes available, it will take you about 1,5 week to reach “Westemnet Master of the Guild” from “Grandmaster of the guild” if you make your reputation items every 1/3/7 day(s).

The reputation items have changed values:

Reputation Item Previous amount of points granted New amount of points granted
Small Expert 400 300
Medium Expert 1200 900
Small Artisan 500 400
Medium Artisan 1500 1200
Small Master 600 500
Medium Master 2000 1500
Large Master 4000 3000
Small Supreme 700 600
Medium Supreme 2500 1800
Large Supreme 5000 3600
Small Westfold 800 700
Medium Westfold 3000 2100
Large Westfold 6000 4200
Small Eastemnet 900 800
Medium Eastemnet 3500 2400
Large Eastemnet 7000 4800
Small Westemnet n/a 900
Medium Westemnet n/a 2700
Large Westemnet n/a 5400

More changes
The above is not all. These are the other main changes with thanks to PKCrichton for some of the information below:

  • All lower leveled leather recipes have an extra processing step
  • All lower leveled wood recipes have an extra processing step
  • Processing steps have been added to all tiers of:
    • Jeweler
    • Metalsmith
    • Woodworker
    • Weaponsmith
    • Tailor
  • Some materials are no longer used. For this you will be auto-granted recipes to turn the items you’ve already made back into the original resources
  • Tin has been removed from resources and can now be gotten from suppliers. During beta this caused the problem that you couldn’t get Sienna. This should be solved now. It is said you can now get it from Copper nodes. We haven’t seen that confirmed in beta, though. If you experience you can not find any sienna after the release, be sure to /bug it!
  • A few materials have been condensed into another one:
    • Tier 6 ore has been condensed into Khazad Skarn Ore. From there it is processed to get K Iron, K Gold and K Copper
    • Tin Ore is now a Piece of Copper-infused Ore
    • Khazad-tin Ore is now a Piece of Khazad Metal
    • Tier 6 wood has been condensed into Ilex only
    • Log of Mallorn Wood is now a Gnarled Ilex Branch that can be used to make Thin Ilex Planks
    • Treated Mallorn Plank is now a Treated Ilex Wood that can be used to make Solid Ilex Planks
    • Tier 6 hides have been condensed to Magnificent only
    • An Extraordinary Hide is now an Aged Extraordinary Hide and can be used to make Brushed Extraordinary Leather
  • Of course the new tier brings new materials:
    • Emerald Shards/flakes/sigils/crests
    • Low Grade Eorlingas Skarn
    • Walnut Logs
    • Eorlingas Hides
    • Eorlingas Scholar materials
    • The cook has several new ingredients. I’ll list them either Monday or Tuesday as soon as I can login Sheherezi to max her farming and cooking
  • Of course there are new recipes, after all we’re going to level 95, so new recipes were in order. The new critted (single use/guild) recipes have very high stats!

Have fun crafting!


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12 comments on “Helm’s Deep: Changes for Crafting

  1. Come HD crafting day, I imagine I will be handing in lots of stored craft items…

    Processing steps have been added to all tiers of:…LIKE what?

    • I don’t have all the details, because I couldn’t test everything, unfortunately, but it will be more like the jewellers already have:
      turn Low-quality Riddermark ingot into shavings and the other way around.
      This will make leveling your craft easier as you’re not stuck with loads of unused jewellery and such.
      Or the woodworker for example: Turn Thin oak board into Wood shavings and vice versa.

  2. As always, you are incredibly helpful with your crafting posts. I’ll share the info with my kin and of course, credit you and link back.

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  4. I am happy for the leveling recipes (although I wish I had read this before making 50 Westfold crossbows a month ago to get to Eastemnet woodworker).
    I don’t think I like the “compact” ore system in low tiers. Yes, duplicated Moria materials were a little painfull to manage in storage. But this change goes far beyond that. I LIKED the Idea of having different types of ore and having to achieve a balance, as in t1. The removal of tin, (and who knows if silver, gold, etc… in the future) may make storage simpler but it takes away variety from the crafting system. If we are heading to a scenario where everything can be made out of the same resource, as in the highest layers, crafting will feel more of a grind than ever.

    • I always like diversity as well, but it was wearing out my storage. I’m in a split about this. Then again, by now I’ve got enough storage characters so that it really doesn’t matter anymore. Let’s keep the diversity!

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  6. […] Helm’s Deep: Changes for Crafting (lotroadventures.wordpress.com) […]

  7. I have been very confused today as I couldn’t find any tin with my new character, so thanks for clearing that up! Also I can confirm you get Sienna out of copper now. My second confusion of the day was the Mallorn/Ilex thing, so thanks for the info on that aswell! I for one welcome the change as my storage was bursting at the seams.

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