Helm’s Deep: Changes for Housing


As promised I’d make a short series about the changes that Helm’s Deep brings. This is the second installment of that series.

With Helm’s Deep we also get a few changes in the housing system. From now on you can get more storage slots than the current 30/60/90 for a standard/deluxe/kinship house. The new prices are as followed:

Amount of slots Price Total amount of slots
1st 15 1 gold 15
2nd 15 5 gold 30 (this is the total of the old 1st chest)
3rd 15 25 gold 45
4th 15 125 gold 60 (this is the total of the old 1st + 2nd chest)
5th 15 100 mithril coins (gold can no longer be used!) 75
6th 15 100 mithril coins 90 (this would be the total of the old 3 chests in a kinship house)
7th 15 100 mithril coins 105
8th 15 100 mithril coins 120

In short, for the same amount of storage as the vault until Helm’s Deep. You need to pay a hell of a lot more! If you’re a free player you’ll be able to buy the first 15 slots, but that’s it if you don’t have Currency Cap removal. If you’d like to have more slots, you need to save enough Turbine Points to buy the Currency Cap removal. This will make it able for you to have more gold in your wallet instead of in your overflow wallet.

For those who already have a house and (a) chest(s), you’ll still have your existing chest(s) with this release as stated by Sapience in response to a question on the beta-forums:

Oct 16 2013, 08:24 PM #11
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Quote Originally Posted by dermax View Post
Whoa, whoa, whoa. We will need to re-purchase our houses and storage?

Answer by Sapience: Utterly false. Guys, let’s not go down the path of baseless rhetoric yet again.

For more slots, you’ll need to pay the fees as listed above. So, if you have the silver/gold to buy the chests, do it now before Helm’s Deep goes live!


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19 comments on “Helm’s Deep: Changes for Housing

  1. Are there still more than 1 chest in a deluxe house?

  2. Is storage the only change?

  3. So chests cost more than the actual houses now?

  4. Uncertain how kinship chests will work. Pooling gold amongst members to buy a chest is doable. But pooling mithril coins can’t be done as far as i know; so it’s up to the kin leader most likely to personally buy the space, which seems wrong.

  5. Ahh great Turbine found another place to make money. Well done.

  6. Must remember this weekend crazy creating loads of new subscriptions and then create a kin so that I can buy a kin house and its 3 chests before the18th…I have as yet never had 100GP…For my AH sellers who are desperately short of space…sale on storage this week in the store…better get some of that before Turbine spins up the price on that too!


    • That’s a good idea!
      One thing about the kinhouse: Unfortunately that’s only possible if your kin is at least 90 days old. 😦 Luckily my Craftoholics kin is quite old, so I’ve worked my butt of these last few days and finally had enough money to buy a kinship house.
      What you could do is indeed create multiple accounts and get enough money to get deluxe houses on each account with the chests. It’s a hell of a lot cheaper per house and you still have the storage space.
      I’m debating wether or not I’m getting more houses on the other accounts. It means I’d have to do a lot more work, but it would be worth it, I think. That way all my crafters would have their own storage house, which would be ideal!
      But of course I also want to have enough gold to max Sheherezi’s Farming and Cooking. Luckily she’s already a Eastemnet Farmer/Cook so it’s only 1 level, but still…….
      Hmmm… choices to be made…..

      • And reading the Forums…has it been 100% confirmed that these ARE the prices?

        I may just create a new Char just to buy a deluxe house on Landroval where I am having the biggest storage issue problems….Rep items stack and I am still running out of space…

        • Problem is, it hasn’t been confirmed 100% but no Blue name would react on anything about the houses, besides Sapience’s statement I included.
          So far everyone from beta is going on the assumption the changes are going to be as I’ve posted them here. We all had hoped turbine wouldn’t do this, we begged them not to, but…….

  7. […] your chests, don’t worry, you will keep those 60 slots. If you haven’t bought them yet, you will have to pay 1 gold for the first 15 slots, 5 gold for the next 15 slots, 25 gold for 15 mo…. This means that instead of 600 silver, you will have to pay 156 […]

  8. WTH you talking about buy them before HD goes live? HOW?

    • I assume you’re talking about buying a house and the chests? Once you’re level 15 you can buy a house if you’ve got enough gold. You have to go to one of the homesteads where you can visit all houses which are for sale.
      If you’ve got enough gold and silver you can buy the house and buy the chests one you’ve bought the house. A standard house can have 1 chest (30 slots of storage space), a deluxe house can have 2 chests (60 slots of storage space) and a kinship house (available after 90 days of existing of the kinship) can have 3 chests (90 storage slots).

      If you’re able to buy these before Helm’s Deep comes out (November 18th), you don’t have to buy them again and you’ll save a hell of a lot of gold! 🙂

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