Grandmaster of the Cooking Guild!

Hey all,

Well, Sheherezi has done it! She’s now Grandmaster of the Cooking Guild. Just in time before the Helm’s Deep Expansion. And she’s made extra repasts so that she can start building the new reputation level immediately once the release is done Monday.

She’s been hunting for Bounder’s Tokens too, but hardly got any today. I think she said she only found about 15 on all the bodies she’s searched. It’s not much. She still wants about 150 so that she’ll get the Steed of Michel Delving and the Universal Toolkit. She’s very much looking forward to those! Does anyone happen to have a few tips for her regarding collecting Bounder Tokens? She’s level 36 at the moment…..

With all the travelling she’s been doing and finishing quests and deeds in Ered-Luin, she’s earned me several Turbine Points too. I’ve got my work cut out for me for the coming weeks. I’ve got a little over 2000 Turbine Points to go until I can buy the Eriador Questpack bundle. I really, really, really want that now and then continue to work on the expansions and the last few questpacks which aren’t in that bundle.

And let’s not forget, my craftoholics want some attention too. Several of them have been working hard on guides so those will start appearing soon.

But first: The Bounder tokens. I’ll search for those until the server closes Monday.

And how’s your weekend going so far?


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