Game servers down, Turbine sites down

Hey all,

Nope, it’s got nothing to do with the release. All Turbine sites are down, even the main site. Game servers are down. No way to play or check forums.

I hope to find everything back online again tomorrow!

ETA: Ther was a power outage which caused the “crash”. Site is back online, but not yet the game servers. I keep my fingers crossed they’ll be back online before 06:00 AM, cause I reall, really, really want that steed & toolkit and I just had enough tokens to buy them when the servers went offline……

Good Luck!


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3 comments on “Game servers down, Turbine sites down

  1. Looks like servers are back up…LOTRO say that HD will be delayed but do not specify for how long…er 1 hr…1 day or a week?

    I have bounders tokens to spend (only from the last week…) and a soon to be lv20 house owning dwarf (all planned for Sunday night…)

    • Servers were back up, but Nimrodel seems to have crashed again. I was lucky enough to get the Steed if Michel Delving. I was missing exactly 5 tokens for the Toolkit ;( When I got a swift travel back to Bree the connection to the server was lost. Can’t get back in since….

      Oh, congrats on your soon to be house owning dwarf! Having a house is always nice! Keep in mind you can’t store bound items in the (kinship) house chests. Too bad, but alas those are things you still need your vault for.

      As for the HD launch…… I wonder, like you, how long the delay will be. But first they need to fix the game worlds…..Now my client keeps hanging on Searching for logon server. Was attempt 8 of 20, now it’s already hanging on “Connecting to Authentication Server”.
      This is not a good sign…….

      • Not really what TURBINE needs for HD Launch day…I secretly hope they put it off to next week! Then I will get a lv20 house owning Hobbit too! (Was the plan this weekend but RW intervened :()

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