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Comic relief on all the problems: Heimlich Maneuvre on Servers :)

Hey all,

I just read this on the forums and I just had to share it with you guys. I hope the original poster isn’t offended by me posting this 🙂


Anyway. As others have already said, the power was knocked out at their data center for several hours. They are still making sure that it won’t explode if they blink at it cross-eyed, probably. So I think we can be a bit forgiving if they don’t want to dump an update down its throat just yet. It might choke, and while I’m not sure if the Heimlich Maneuver is applicable to game servers, but the aftermath of it probably wouldn’t be very pretty. There’d be 0s and 1s all over the floor, and everything.

Anyone know a good Comic artist? Cause this screams for a little comic strip!


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