Scheduled Server Downtime: November 20th, 2013 for UPDATE

Hey all,

The long-awaited Expansion Helm’s Deep is being implemented coming tomorrow!:

On Wednesday November 20th, all LOTRO Game worlds will be brought down at 6:00 AM Eastern time (-5 GMT) as we prepare for the release of the Helm’s Deep expansion. In addition, the LOTRO Store will be taken down at 5:00AM Eastern (-5GMT).


ClockStart Downtime Game servers is from:

  • USA:
    • EST: 06:00 AM (GMT-5)
    • CST: 05:00 AM (GMT-6)
    • MST: 04:00 AM (GMT-7)
    • PST: 03:00 AM (GMT-8)
  • Europe:
    • GMT: 11:00 AM
    • UK: 11:00 AM (GMT+0)
    • CET Netherlands, Belgium, etc): 12:00 PM (Noon) (GMT+1)
    • EET (Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Finland, etc): 01:00 PM (GMT+2)
  • Asia
    • India Time Zone: 16:30 PM (GMT +5.5)
    • Japan Time Zone: 20:00 PM (GMT +9)
    • Singapore Timezone: 19:00 PM (GMT +8)
    • China: 19:00 PM (GMT +8)
  • Australia
    • AWST: 19:00 PM (GMT+8)
    • ACST: 20:30 PM (GMT +9,5)
    • AEST: 21:00 PM (GMT +10)

So, the Expansion is coming! Are you looking forward to the changes? And what will you do during the downtime?

About Ilse "Sheriziya/Chocoholic" Mul

Junior Game Designer, Author, Lotro addict, Puzzle Pirates addict

2 comments on “Scheduled Server Downtime: November 20th, 2013 for UPDATE

  1. Do you know how much hours it will take and when we will join the game again?

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