Helm’s Deep release Wednesday November 20th


Hey all,

Yesterday Turbine announced Helm’s Deep will be released tomorrow:

So, if you’ve got things you want from the bounders, be sure to stack up these tokens and get everything you want!

They haven’t announced the downtime of the server yet, but at the moment I expect it will be the same as it was planned for Monday. Personally I’m very glad they’ve decided to do it this way. They need time to make sure everything works properly and I can imagine they need a bit of a break after all they’ve been through due to this power outage. I’m just glad we’re able to play again!


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5 comments on “Helm’s Deep release Wednesday November 20th

  1. Great news…only spoiled when I realised I had spent my house money on hides in the AH 😦 SO unless I get really busy tonight and grind out 4GP will not be able to buy the little house for Tsukuld…now lv20 and able to use Landscape Soldier 🙂

    • Oh, a tip for gold: Get into the Barrows of Barrow-Downs. I’ve been grinding there for Men of Bree tokens and got loads of vendor stacks and some nice crafting ingredients as well. I think I got about 5 gold in a couple of hours. Just trashing all the gear I got and keeping all the stackable items. Wit stacks worth of 150 silver and more, it was easy up for the grabs, especially since the overflow bag can hold up to fifty stacks and everything will be in there for 59 minutes.
      It’s how I got enough gold for the kinship house purchase AND the upkeep for half a year.

      Good luck!

  2. stack up these tokens pls,i like your game blog

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