Vault Storage & Free to play


I thought it was time to give you a tip about storage, specifically Vault Storage in relation to crafting and free to play.

Lotro has several storage options. The main is of course your inventory, but there’s another one which is very important, especially for crafters and that’s the vault. When you start out in Lotro, you’ll have a vault with 30 storage spaces for free. For the rest you’ll need to pay. Part of the slots can be paid with in-game money (silver and gold) and Turbine Points. For other slots, you can only pay with Turbine Points. If you’re a free player like me, it’s best to pay with in-game money for all the slots up until 120. And after that, you can pay with Turbine points. This will save you quite some Turbine Points, as you can see below:

Vault slots Price with Silver/Gold Price with Turbine Points
 30 – 45 (Vault upgrade I)  45 Silver  195
 45 – 60 (Vault Upgrade II)  735 Silver  295
 60 – 75 (Vault Upgrade III)  2 Gold + 230 Silver  395
 70 – 90 (Vault Upgrade IV)  4 Gold + 500 Silver  495
 90 – 105 (Vault Upgrade V)  5 Gold  595
 105 – 120 (Vault Upgrade VI)  5 Gold  695
 120 – 135 (Vault Upgrade VII)  895
 135 – 150 (Vault Upgrade VIII)  895
 150 – 165 (Vault Upgrade IX)  995
 165 – 180 (Vault Upgrade X)  995
 180 – 195 (Vault Upgrade XI)  995
 195 – 210 (Vault Upgrade XII)  995
 210 – 225 (Vault Upgrade XIII)  995

As you can see you can save 2670 Turbine Points, just by buying the first 6 upgrades with Silver and Gold. Sure, you need to have your Currency cap removed (which costs 395 points, Thanks to the Moonlitknight for the correction!), but this is something you’ll want soon anyway for other reasons (a house, storage in your house, dealing in the Auction House, access to all the silver and gold you earn selling “rubbish” (don’t tell them you consider it trash! 😀 ) to the vendors and much more).

Currently (November 18th, 2013) I’ve got 120 slots in my Vault with Sheherezi and it’s STILL not enough! I’ve got a house with 2 chests as well and that’s not enough either! She’s a cook which means she’s got several bucketloads filled with ingredients and stuff. And of course I don’t want to throw anything away. But I’m hopefull 😆

Have fun with your Vault!


About Ilse Mul

Junior Game Designer, Author, Lotro addict, Puzzle Pirates addict

4 comments on “Vault Storage & Free to play

  1. how about you create another free account and create a character (or two) to store all your cooks inventory remains? to transfer you can use mail (expensive) or open 2 game sessions in parallel (even possible in a single computer).

    • Hey, That indeed is also a possibility. But they too are limited to the amount of storage you can bu without the currency cap removal. You can create as many accounts as you want. Each account can have 2 free characters, so basically there are a lot of sotrage options. But it’s hell of a lot of work to keep with which character has which ingredients. That’s something to keep in mind. I’ve got extra characters as well purely for storage. 🙂

  2. Just a little note Currency cap removal costs only 395 TB now on sale for 316 TB. You are thinking of the Premium Barter Wallet cost.

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