Yule Festival is coming!

Hey everyone,

Sapience announced the Yule Festival:

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Sapience is offline Community Manager & Harbinger of Soon

And now I have news.

The Yule Festival will start on December 18th. The last day of the Festival will be January 14th.

Are you going to participate? With one Pony obsessed hobbit, I think I have no choice but to participate 😆 I am looking forward to it. I’ve got almost two weeks of leave from my work and although I will be using this time to work on my own game as well, I will have some Lotro fun too. After all, relaxation from a humongous project is needed at times, right?


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4 comments on “Yule Festival is coming!

  1. He also mentioned on Forums that Lotteries are on hold until technical issues are sorted…
    ‘Lotteries are currently in a “questionable” state after the power issues of a couple of weeks ago. The team is looking into getting them back up and fully functional, but until that happens we aren’t going to take a chance with running lotteries that don’t work as intended. I do not have an ETA for you.’

  2. Absolutley, I will be there. I only got three of those mammoth deeds done, but just about all my alts got the steed last year, now I have twice as many alts, so I’m not sure if they’re all going to get one, but we’ll see. It’s also a great way to level a character! If you’ve got lots of alts, the same old quest chains do get a little boring, so having these marvelous festivals helps to level them and skip some of the repetative quests. Also, last year, my level 10 RK got one of those symbols of celebremore (which one my 85 quickly claimed) from the little hobbit lass by the entry way, so I’m hoping for more good luck.

    • Oh, I hope you’ve indeed get more luck like that!
      I think I’ll let several of my alts participate this year too. Of course Sheherezi is going to participate and I think Shriya. And than the crafters who work on the guides. They can use some leveling 🙂

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