Yulefestival is here!


The Yulefestival has officially started! And we’ve got about a month to enjoy all the festivities and goodies. Are you up for it?

Activities to do:

  • Theatre Event
    Head over to the local playhouse to catch the seasonal show. Afterwards, make sure to let the players know what you thought of their performance.
  • Snowball Fight
    Check out the Snowball Arena where you can challenge your friends to a frosty duel. Repeat this snowy onslaught with Mithril Coins for more fun!
  • Eating Contest
    Step right up and show the locals how it’s done! Get your fill of pies, eggs, mushrooms, and more in the Winter-home eating contest.
  • Festival Square
    The festival marketplace is an area of much merriment! Check out the local vendor, meet up with your fellows, or a raise a mug to toast the season.
  • Aid the Other
    Did you help the rich last year? Make up for it this year! This quest can now be completed to experience the alternative endings.

If you’re wondering what the rewards are, here’s an overview:

  • New cosmetics
  • New horse/pony + warsteed appearance.

You’ll need to unlock 1 tier of the “The More the Merrier” deed for the horse and Tier 3 for the warsteed cosmetic

yulefestival2013-4 yulefestival2013-3 yulefestival2013-2 yulefestival2013-1


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11 comments on “Yulefestival is here!

  1. and maps, any maps to be gotten?

  2. […] thanks to LOTRO Adventures for bringing it to my attention […]

  3. I changed my intro pic when I realised that we had the same…oops πŸ™‚

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