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An Introduction to Crafting Part 0: Why Craft

Crafting sign

It’s not always easy to choose a vocation. Personally, I love to craft, so I made sure all my alts had a vocation. With that choice it’s a simple fact of ticking the boxes and start crafting. Whatever the amount of characters you have, there are a few things to take into consideration when choosing a vocation:

  • Why do you want to craft?
  • Crafting & Character Experience
  • What does your character need?
  • Can/do you want to rely on Kin-mates for everything you can’t make yourself?
  • How many characters do you have?
  • Are you willing to spend (a lot) of in-game money?
  • Changing a vocation

Let’s review each topic, shall we?

Why Crafting?
Do you want to craft because you want to make a lot of money? In that case I’d advice you to first the Auction House several times to see if you can actually make any profit. If there are loads of the same products listed, there’s a slim chance you might actually make a decent profit. You’ll need to be able to do some high-end crafting and in sufficient quantities . Depending on the vocation you have chosen it will take quite some time before you can actually make some money.
Or do you rather want to craft to support your character(s) or simply because you love to craft? In that case: Join the club! Crafting is fun and it can make your Lotro life a little bit easier too :). The way I see it, everything you can make yourself, the better it is. So far, in every game I’ve played, I loved to craft everything myself and Lotro is no exception to that!

Crafting & Character Experience
Each time you craft something, you will not only receive crafting experience, but you will also receive experience for your character! So, you’re character will level from crafting too. Now that’s a nice bonus, isn’t it?
This bonus was introduced with Update 9.

You character’s needs & possibilities
When I decided I wanted to craft in Lotro, I started by looking what my character could use. It turned out, it’s not an easy choice. One of the things I assumed I could always need, was food and everything related to cooking. That, and that particular character (Sheherezi) is my role playing character and she loves to cook… Did I have any other choice then chose a vocation that included cooking?
But that’s not all that’s important. A Hunter, for instance, can make good use of the (cross)bows she can make herself, while a Guardian might have good use of the heavy Armour a Methalsmith can make. In part 1 you’ll find an overview of everything you can make with a certain profession and which class can benefit from that the most.

Kin support
If you’re already in a kinship, you might want to check if there’s a certain need for a specific vocation/profession. It’s also good to know what other vocations/professions are already covered in the Kinship and how much support you can already get from them. When you’ve got kinmates who are willing to share/sell things cheap with/to you, it will make your life already a lot easier. Even though all vocations and professions might already be covered in your kin, there’s nothing stopping you from starting with crafting! It’s all part of the fun in the game 🙂

Amount of characters
If you are interested in having more vocations then one (because you can only have one vocation at a time), you might consider to make more characters. With a free account you’ll have 2 character slots, with a premium account you have 3 slots and with a vip account you have 5 slots. You can, however, make as many accounts as you like, so the possibilities are endless!
If you want to be able to do all professions, but you don’t care about crafting guilds, you can already cover everything with just 4 characters. I’ll go into that later on.

In-game money
There are players who have a lot of in-game money, so they don’t care about spending a bit of gold extra on things they want. If you’re just beginning in Lotro, however, it’s good to keep in mind that there are professions which will cost a lot of money to level and to use. There are also quite cheap professions. In later guides you’ll find overviews of all the costs for all professions.

Changing Vocations
Just so you know up-front, you CAN change vocations, BUT you will loose all the progress you make (in other words, you’ll have to start over again) of professions that don’t belong to your new vocation and you will loose all your recipes of the professions that don’t belong to your new vocation. So choose wisely!

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